During this year’s back-to-school season, you’ve got a lot coming at you. That’s why we created this Ultimate Back-to-School Guide, full of tips, advice and resources to help you prepare for whatever school situation your family is facing. Browse the listings below and click on the topics that are relevant to you.

Getting Ready for the Big Day


8 Things to Do Before Your Child Returns to School

This year, planning ahead is more important than ever. We’ve identified 8 areas where you can be proactive and start things off on the right track. Read More >



6 Things Teachers Want You to Know About Going Back to School in 2020

Returning to school may feel daunting right now, but you don’t have to figure this out alone. We’ve asked experienced elementary-level teachers to share their real-world advice for returning to school in 2020. Read More >



8 Tips to Manage Back-to-School Stress

This can be a high-stress time of year for both kids and parents, even when there isn’t a global pandemic. We’ve got 8 strategies to help address any worries or nervousness in your household. Read More > 



8 Ways to Clean Up Your Kids’ Sleep Routine for Back-to-School

As the first day approaches, staying up late and sleeping in aren’t exactly A-plus habits. Here, a sleep consultant provides tips and advice to get everyone back into a school-friendly sleep routine. Read More >



10 of Our Favorite First Day of School Books for Kids

First-day jitters are real, but you can help defuse some of the tension by snuggling up with your child and reading stories that address those very feelings. Check out our Top 10 list for suggestions. Read More >


Free Downloads: School Supply Checklists by Grade

We know you are preoccupied with sanitizer, masks and the million questions that we have about this school year. We have put together school supply checklists – by grade – to help you get ready in a hurry

Read More >




10 Skills Your Child Will Need in Kindergarten

How can you help your child be confident and competent as he or she heads into the classroom for the first time? We’ve put together a list of 10 basic skills that are typically expected of kindergarten newbies. Read More >



Dos and Don’ts for Kindergarten

Take a deep breath, kindergarten rookies – it’s going to be okay. Equip yourself (and your child) with these behind-the-scenes tips from an Early Childhood Educator. Read More >


The Early Days 


How To Make a Good First Impression With Your Child’s Teacher

Forming a positive partnership with your child’s teacher is a top priority, so here are some insider tips to build a positive rapport right from the start. Read More >



Where to Find Free Homework Help for Your Child

If your child needs extra practice or support in a specific subject area, check out these helpful (and no-cost) online homework resources. Read More >



Resources for Parents of Kids with ADHD or Learning Disabilities

Those of us parenting kids with learning disabilities (LDs) might be feeling an extra level of concern this year. We have compiled an extensive list of online resources to help. Read More >


10 Ways to Get Your Child Excited to Learn

10 Ways to Get Your Child Excited to Learn

As the academic expectations and homework assignments return, here are some tips and strategies to help keep motivation levels high. Read more >



An Introvert’s Guide to Interacting with Other Parents

Mingling in the schoolyard doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and physical distancing may mean added awkwardness this year. Try our playground-tested tactics for striking up conversations with fellow parents. Read More >



What To Do When the Back-to-School Honeymoon Ends

While exciting at first, the novelty of returning to school may eventually wear off. An elementary teacher shares some ideas to help your child continue to view school in a positive way. Read More >


Tips for Making Meals Kids Will Love

Tips for A+ Kids’ Meals During the School Year 

This is a great time to re-commit to meal planning and healthy food choices, even when you’re tight on time. To help you out, we’ve compiled kitchen-tested tips and tricks (organized by meal) for the upcoming school year. Read More >

This hasn’t been a typical year, and it won’t be a typical back-to-school experience, either. We hope this Ultimate Back-to-School Guide helps you prepare for what’s ahead – whatever that may be. We’d love to hear about the challenges you’re facing and the successes you’re having along the way. Most of all, good luck!


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