Parents have our hands (and brains!) full this year when it comes to the return to school. Many of us have made a late in the game decision to send our children back to the classroom, at least part of the time.

But our minds are not thinking about our usual back to school shopping lists – they are preoccupied with sanitizer, masks and the million questions that we have about this school year. 

We have put together school supply checklists – by grade – to help you get ready in a hurry. If you’ve forgotten any of those typical, or 2020, essentials, chances are they are on these lists. Just choose your child’s grade and we’ve got you covered with these free printable checklist downloads! 


While some Kindergarteners don’t typically require their own school supplies, this year some classes are asking for them for safety reasons.

PreK Kindergarten checklist

First Grade

First grade brings new responsibilities and new supplies. You might want to consider a bigger backpack, too!

First Grade Checklist

Second Grade

Your second grader may now need notebooks – remember to label everything!

Second Grade checklist

Third Grade

The list grows in the third grade as binders are typically introduced and your little one takes on more responsibility.

Third Grade Checklist

Fourth Grade

Your fourth grader might be off to middle school this year! Ensure they are well prepared with this list.

Fourth Grade Checklist

Fifth Grade

As your fifth grader’s subject load increases, more school supplies may be required, particularly for math.

Fifth Grade Checklist

Sixth Grade

Style might become more important to your sixth grader. Encourage your child to choose supplies they will love to use.

Sixth Grade Checklist

Seventh/Eighth Grade

In addition to this essentials list, your school may suggest that students bring their own device for learning. 

Seventh Eighth grade checklist

Ninth to Twelfth Grade 

As your older kid enters high school, their supply list may vary depending on the subjects they choose. 

High school checklist


While we have gathered the most typical items your child will need for their grade, keep in mind that every school and class is different. It is best to double check with your school or child’s teacher about their classroom’s specific needs. 

Oh, and don’t forget the first day of school signs! We have free printables for you here

Have we missed any essentials? Let us know what you would add to these lists in the comments! 


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