If you told me one year ago, I would be obsessed with TikTok, I would have said – what’s TikTok? What started out as a lip-syncing app popular with teens, quickly turned into one of the most downloaded apps in 2020 thanks to COVID.

TikTok has created so many niche communities and has given a voice to so many diverse and unique creators – I can guarantee you will find your side of TikTok very quickly. If you’re wondering what “side” means on TikTok, it’s referring to the algorithm that shares the best curated content on your “For You” page – similar to a home page. The algorithm considers what videos you like, share and watch. Based on all those factors the app will share content they think you will like- trust me once you go down the feta pasta side of TikTok, there is no end!

But let’s talk Mom TikTok. Yes, I’m looking at you, you side part skinny jean wearing older millennial. Even though Gen Z might have the cool dance moves, us older millennials have the life hacks! Moms are sharing their best parenting advice, recipes, motherhood comedy and must have amazon products. I can say with 100% confidence that my amazon purchases have quadrupled based on the recommendations of TikTok.

So, if you want to join the mom side of TikTok and you need to unwind at the end of the day while you scroll endlessly, check out these amazing creators:


Shannon Doherty is a mom of 4 and shares the best hacks, recipes, crafts and DIY projects. Her kid-friendly event décor is totally insta-worthy and makes celebrating events like Valentine’s Day and the Superbowl so much more fun! And if you love Starbucks but hate the price, Shannon has a $2 drink hack and it’s my new go-to.


With seven kids between the two of them Cat and Nat are the HILARIOUS mom duo famous for their #MOMTRUTHS. From learning TikTok dances with their tweens to sharing product reviews, Cat and Nat will having you laughing for hours. Oh, and if you like wine, you will love them.


Anna is a mom of 4 boys and is from Raleigh, NC. Her style videos are perfect for moms who want to stay trendy and look effortlessly chic! Anna also links everything, so there’s no guessing where she got her clothes from- thanks girl! In addition to all her great hair and makeup tutorials, I learned the best hack for applying sunscreen to your kids face. Psssst it’s something you probably already have in your makeup drawer. 

Dani Austin

I first started following Dani way back when she was one of the first beauty gurus on YouTube. I loved all her makeup tutorials and fashion content from her college days, and it’s been so cool to follow someone as they grow up. Now Dani is a new mom and she shares hilarious videos of her baby, husband and family and is the queen of Amazon finds!


If you’re looking for some good mom comedy, you have to check out Laura. She shares hilarious skits about motherhood. From the dreaded question of “can I have a snack” while you’re making dinner to learning frozen waffles don’t mean from the freezer but are actually princess themed.


This soon to be mom and her husband have the BEST cooking videos. Whether you’re a parent or not, you have to follow them for recipes that will truly change how you cook. Randy and Katherine share all kinds of recipes from goat cheese scallop potatoes to boeuf bourguignon. These luxurious recipes make you feel like a real chef and Katherine’s reaction at the end says it all. Chef’s kiss!


Jennifer Anderson is a mom of 2 and MSPH RD who helps get your kids to eat their veggies! Whether you have a picky eater or are just looking for nutrition inspiration for your kids, Jennifer shares her expert tips and tricks. I love her hack for helping kids avoid tantrums if they see food touching on their plate- I think I might just get those cute silicone muffins cups for myself!


Winny shares gorgeous, photo worthy kids lunch box ideas. Packing lunches everyday can feel exhausting, but her videos are a great source of inspiration and make packing lunches fun for everyone! Winny also shares what her kids eat in a day and has so many other great family recipes.


Bonnie is hilarious and is the perfect reminder to not take things too seriously and just laugh. She is a mom of 3 and is obsessed with iced coffee and Christina Aguilera – my soulmate. Bonnie throws it back with great Back Street Boys content, where my millennial babes at?

I’ve just scraped the surface of Mom TikTokers, there are so many great creators out there. So, if I missed a must follow account, drop their handle in the comments!


Rachel Butts is the Brand Development and Public Relations lead at Mabel’s Labels. She enjoys weekend trips to Ontario wineries and shopping at local boutiques. You can find her with an iced coffee or Diet Coke at any given time. She is obsessed with all thing beauty and fashion and loves trying out the latest trends. Follow Rachel on Instagram @rachelbutts.

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