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Blank White Iron-On Tape

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Product Details

Includes 3 tapes.

This is the perfect addition to your Custom Clothing Stamp . This Iron-on tape is a simple solution for your black or dark clothing. When your clothes are too dark for the ink, simply lay out the tape, stamp it, cut to desired size and iron it on. The iron-on tape is laundry-safe, simple to use, and will keep your darks out of the lost & found!

  • Laundry safe
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Blank white iron-on tapes for use with Clothing Stamp 39.4" x 0.394"

Q: How do I use the tape?


  1. Lay the ribbon down on a flat, protected surface.
  2. Place the stamp on the ribbon, centering as desired, and firmly stamp the ribbon; wait a few seconds for the ink to dry.
  3. Slide the stamp down until you reach the unstamped ribbon and stamp again.
  4. Repeat as is required.
  5. Once your stamping is complete and all ink is dry, using scissors, cut between stamps.
  6. For the best results, ensure new clothing is laundered before ironing on the ribbon.
  7. Set your iron-on to the most appropriate temperature for the article of clothing (or, when in doubt – medium heat)
  8. Hold the stamped iron-on ribbon in a place where you wish to apply it; it is recommended that you apply it to a less conspicuous part of the clothing.
  9. With firm and steady pressure, iron the ribbon to the clothing; repeat a few times and let cool.
  10. Wait 24 hours before laundering.

Q: Does the tape come printed with my child’s name?

A: No, the Iron-On Tape comes blank and is meant to be used with your Custom Clothing Stamp.

Q: Can I purchase just one roll?

A: When you add a Custom Clothing Stamp to your cart, you have the option to add-on one roll of blank iron-on tape. Or, you can purchase refills in a three-pack only.

Q: Can I purchase personalized Iron-On Labels?

A: Yes! You can find Personalized Iron On Labels here.

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