Replacement Ink Cartridge for Custom Clothing Stamp


For use with the Custom Clothing Stamp only.

This ink cartridge replacement for the Custom Clothing Stamp provides an extra 1,000 applications! Available only in black ink. Cartridges are easy to replace following the step-by-step video instructions found here.

Please note: This is a replacement cartridge only. To buy the full Custom Clothing Stamp product, click here.

Please note: Coupons and discounts cannot be applied to this product.

Product Details

  • Laundry safe
  • Long lasting: imprints last approx. 50 washes
  • No bleeding
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Black ink refill for approx. 1000 applications Size: 0.68" x 1.85"; fits Custom Clothing Stamp only.

Q: How many uses and washes is the Custom Clothing Stamp replacement cartridge good for?

A:Each cartridge can be used for up to 1000 applications and imprints will last about 40+ washes! Temperature variances between different washing cycles can impact the number of washes the ink may withstand.

Q: Is the Custom Clothing Stamp ink safe?

A: We want to assure you that, having done the research, we are 100% comfortable with and confident in the safety of our products. The ink within our Custom Clothing Stamp is non-toxic and has a similar composition to some stamp pad products found in craft stores. Since the ink pad is secured in a self-closing stamp, exposure and access is very minimal. If you have further questions regarding the Custom Clothing Stamp’s safety, please contact Customer Service at

Q: How can I remove the ink from clothing?

A:The custom Clothing Stamp ink is designed to stay put through the wash! We do not recommend trying to dissolve or remove the ink from clothing.

Q: How do I replace the ink cartridge?

A:Our Custom Clothing Stamp replacement ink cartridges are easy to use! Please check out our how-to video.

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