Baby Names


Baby names rise and fall in popularity; it’s a curious thing. We imagine that popular culture plays a significant role. Songs, movies, books, and television are the biggest influences, and will continue to influence the baby name trends for 2022 We’re excited to see where these predictions land. (Take a peek back at our previous speculations) It’s clear that as cultural evolution happens, so do name evolutions. It’s probably unlikely that we’ll be seeing many babies with the name “Karen” in the next few years. Here at Mabel’s Labels, we can confirm it isn’t a name we see passing through our printers very often (Although, full disclosure: we have a lovely Karen working here at Mabel’s Labels customer service, and you’d be lucky to know her!) We also don’t see unique names that were previously trending, like Delta on the rise much further. Instead, it’s far more likely we’ll see a rise in names…