Kids’ Recreation Sports Label Pack

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Product Details

21 labels and 1 tag included.

This label pack is designed to have just enough labels to cover all the gear needed for kids in recreational and house league sports. The wraparound label is perfect for quickly grabbing the correct water bottle – no matter which way it’s facing. This durable label pack includes four rectangular labels for equipment, Tag Mates for clothing and jersey tags, shoe labels for footwear, and one bag tag to identify it all quickly. These labels are laundry-safe, stay stuck through sweat, and are durable enough for even the toughest kids.

  • 14 icons to choose from, or select a solid colour palette, perfect for older kids.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Laundry safe
  • Sweatproof
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
large wraparound label (ideal to wrap around a water bottle) 8.25" x 1"
rectangular labels 2.6" x 0.52"
tag-mates 0.37" x 0.7"
footwear labels for 4 pairs 1.25"
bag tag 2.16" x 2.5"

Q: I don’t need this many shoe labels, can they be used for other things?

A:Yes! You can stick your round labels on smooth, flat surfaces, like water bottles, helmets, bats and equipment.

Q: Can Tag Mates go directly on fabric?

A:To ensure your Tag Mates stay stuck through the washer and dryer, stick them directly on the clothing care tags of your jerseys, pants, pads, gloves and equipment.

Q: How can I put my kid’s jersey number on their labels?

A:To include a number on your labels, check out our Kids’ Competitive Sports Label Pack.

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