Receiving baby gear as a new parent can be fun and exciting, but once the baby comes, new parents aren’t clambering for a new swing or swaddling. They want sleep and relaxation. Having a newborn in your life changes everything. So, if you want to help the new parents in your life, consider spoiling them with some of these gifts for new parents that will save their sanity instead.

Consider offering to babysit or bring them a meal or two. But if those options aren’t realistic for you, Mabel’s Labels presents a few others that might be a better fit for you while also helping the new parents take a moment for themselves.

Creature Comforts

Being a new parent is stressful. These gift ideas can help them decompress and relax.


Around-the-House Helpers

Anything you can do to make their home responsibilities easier will be much appreciated.

Other Gifts

Here are some other gift ideas new parents are sure to love!

New parents need something that helps put a little spring in their step or takes a little weight off their shoulders. Help them to get comfortable and take some time for themselves. It will do wonders for their energy and confidence, which most new parents need.


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