We often hear about the benefits of sending kids to camp. Even here in the Mabelhood, we talk about it a lot. Like this, and this. Sleepaway camp is indeed so beneficial for kids. But what about moms? Being a mom is hard, and we rarely talk about how we need a break. So summer camp also has enormous benefits for parents, and it’s okay to admit that. Here are the ways that moms benefit from our kids going to camp.

 1) Recharge

 Relax, take a walk, meditate and do the things you always dream of doing but never have the time or the privacy to do.

 2) Eat what you want 

 Enjoy the chance to cook meals that you love without complaints. Eat the spicy foods, the healthy meals, or the junk food you want without needing to share!

 3) Reconnect with your spouse 

 Go on dates, enjoy the alone time and use this as a time to reconnect with one another. The benefits the break from the kids will give you will do wonders for your relationship. And happy parents have happy kids 😊

 4) Complete tasks always on your list

 Moms always have a to-do list that continuously grows, and we rarely ever check anything off. So use this time to check some things off your list! Finally clean out that closet, read recipes and meal prep freezer meals, paint the walls, rearrange the kitchen cupboards. Make your doctor appointments, get your car serviced, and repot the plants.

 5) Distance makes the heart grow fonder

You will miss your kids. But that’s not always a bad thing. A break will give you time to appreciate all the things about them that you love, but don’t always notice when you’re busy rushing around each day.

 6) Perspective. 

 Having time away from your kids can offer a new perspective. It can help clear your head and make room for revamped schedules and strategies and organization around the house.

 7) A brain break. 

 The mental toll of parenting can be draining. Use this time to focus on your mental health, work out or attend therapy. You’ll feel the difference in your patience levels when the kids return.

 8) Enjoy knowing they’re doing the right thing.

Your kids are getting a break from screen time without you needing to nag! They’re getting fresh air without you needing to encourage it. They’re meeting like-minded kids, getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, and having fun without YOU needing to facilitate it!

9) You will learn to trust your kids. 

 Seeing what they can accomplish when away is eye-opening. When kids are given a chance to grow more independent and learn to rely on themselves, it’s staggering what they can achieve (responsibility with sunscreen, keeping track of their gear- well, THIS HELPS!,  Brushing their hair, etc. Their abilities are far more extraordinary than we give them credit for; their skill set and self-esteem grow when they’re forced to be more independent.

 10) The benefits go beyond the summer. 

Camp is challenging for kids, and they grow a lot over a short period. In addition, they are gaining valuable life skills, from problem-solving to social skills, by being part of a camp community and working together and supporting one another. You will see a difference in your child when they return home, and the benefits far outweigh all of the worries you had before sending them to camp.

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