I’m not a regular mom; I’m a cheer mom. My daughter started cheerleading a few years ago, and we’ve found our new family. Our cheer family. It hasn’t always been easy for me (or my daughter, but today I’m just speaking to the cheer moms). I have had many things to figure out, from what to pack, to how to navigate competitions to hair and makeup and everything in between. So here are some tips to being an organized cheer mom.

Here is a crash course on what I’ve learned about staying organized (being a cheer mom can be a full-time job on top of a regular full-time job). I learned through experience, and I want other newbie cheer moms to have an easier go – so follow these tips and you’ll go from rookie to All-star in cheer-mom organization!

There is much more to cheer than I imagined before signing my daughter up.  It’s a whole new world, a whole culture with new friends, new schedules, and new priorities. Not to mention new hairstyles, new clothing to buy, recent injuries to worry about, and fitness regimes to keep up with.

Create a schedule:

Start a homework schedule to ensure your child can manage practice while keeping up with their work. Training is mandatory for the success of the team, so it’s essential that you can manage both. Help your kids find a schedule that allows them to practice cheer, complete homework, and still get a good night’s sleep.

Get a planner:

Keep everything in your day planner; the schedules can quickly become hard to manage, and if you’re like me, writing things down is a must! So here is the best planner; you can customize it any way you like – and design it down to the color.

Practice hair and makeup:

Whether we like it or not, appearance is a big part of the cheer world. It took me some time to come around to the idea of putting my daughter in makeup. I’ve since learned the importance of it. Unfortunately, I’ve also had to teach myself to become good at it. There are videos like this one that can help you figure it out, and the veteran cheer moms are all so welcoming and happy to help.

Label Everything:

cheer and dance labels

All the girls have identical items, from shoes to bows to makeup brushes, water bottles, and uniforms. Of course, it all must be labeled. I’ve been lucky enough to try out the NEW Mabel’s Labels Dance and Cheer Label Pack, and it’s been a game-changer for helping me stay organized. My daughter can quickly and easily spot her items, we no longer worry about germy water bottle swaps, and her bag is easy to identify. Plus, it’s all waterproof and machine washable, and dishwasher safe too.  Plus, they have ultra-cute cheer designs that girls all love!

Here is a quick pack list remember, everything is always labeled (top tip to be an organized Cheer Mom)!

-Snacks and protein bars and plenty of water!
-Ice packs and bandages (unfortunately, sprains and injuries happen)
-Pain relievers / first aid kit
-Knix Period-proof underwear (whether for my daughter or another girl who may get caught off guard)
-Portable charger (someone always forgets to charge)
-Bobby pins, hair ties, and hair spray
-Dry shampoo, portable flat iron
-Fabric tape, safety pins, and a small sewing kit

Follow the social media groups, and stay in contact!

If your squad has a social media group – follow it, join the parent’s what’s app group chat, and ensure you have everyone’s numbers. Sometimes things change, and you need to stay in the loop. So it’s imperative that you know what’s going on, what time, where people are meeting, and any other coaching changes that can be crucial information to have.

Avoid the drama

Remember that you’re the parent. Show good sportsmanship and support your team all along the way but remember that the coach always makes important decisions. Even when we don’t like or understand the choices they may make – we must respect them. Always be a good sports parent!


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