Peaceful. Fair. Social. Cooperative. Not a fan of being alone.

If this sounds like a little one living in your house, you’re most likely raising a Libra. Now, I don’t have any Libras in my house, but I know a few Libras and I was also raised by one. My Dad is a Libra and while reading up on all the stereotypical Libra traits, he seems to be pretty true to his sign.

Apparently, Libras are known as being very likeable people, and I think I would have to agree with this. In addition to my Dad, I also have a good friend and a sister-in-law who fall under this sign and they’re all very likeable. I mean, Libras are known for their irresistible charm after all. More on that soon!

If you’re currently raising a Libra, you’re probably wondering what might be in store for you in the years to come. So, let’s see what all the experts say! First, we’ll start with the basics of the Libra sign.

Birthdate – September 23 – October 22

Element – Air Sign

Symbol – The Scales

Now, it’s said that Libras have way more positive personality traits than negative personality traits. Maybe it’s because Libras have very easy-going personalities and are super easy to get along with? I did manage to find a few negative personality traits to go along with the positives. They’re listed below. (You can find the whole list here)

Positive Traits

Charm – Oh, the Libra charm. Libras are the most charming sign of the zodiac, and if you’re raising one, you probably already know that. They’re friendly and talkative so people are just naturally attracted to them.

Tact – Libra is a diplomatic sign. They always try to find the best words to express their opinions. They like to find common ground with people and avoid misunderstandings. They’re often called peacemakers.

Social – Libras are typically extroverts and enjoy spending time with other people. With that charming personality of theirs, they can often be found in the limelight.

Great Listener – If you have a Libra in your life, they’re likely great listeners. Libras are compared to a sponge because they have a habit of soaking up everything that is said by others. Careful though, Libras are sometimes known for being a little gossipy.

Imagination – It’s highly likely that your little Libra has a big imagination. It’s a good thing though! Their imagination will help them find creative ways out of difficult situations. They also might pursue artistic professions.


Negative Traits

Self-Pity – If a Libra is having a bad day, they might throw themselves a little pity-party. They find it difficult to survive tough situations and believe everyone is out to get them.

Unreliability – Libras are sometimes known for being a bit flighty. This might cause them to be late to important events and forget about important things. If it helps, I know one Libra this is 100% true for, and another that hasn’t shown up late for anything. Ever. Wait, maybe this doesn’t help…

Vanity – Libras pay a fair amount of attention to their appearance and might choose not to spend time with people they don’t find good-looking. They also like to take selfies no matter where they are. Sorry, but picturing my Dad taking a selfie is just hilarious!

Now that we know all about the personality of typical Libras, let’s move on to their likes and dislikes and you can see if any of them sound familiar for your Libra.


Harmony – Libras like to live in harmony with others. They don’t like conflict.

Sharing – A child who LIKES sharing?! Yes! Apparently, it’s true when it comes to Libras!

The Outdoors – Start planning all kinds of outdoor adventures! Your little Libra will love it!


Violence – Libras are not big fans of violence, so you might find your little one getting upset if they see anything violent on TV or if another child is physical towards them.

Loudmouths – Since Libras are known as peacemakers and always try to word things nicely, it should be no surprise that they aren’t fan of loudmouths. This is absolutely true when it comes to my Dad!

So, what do you think? Does this sound like the Libras in your life? If so, let us know in the comments below. Oh, and good luck resisting that famous Libra charm!

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