September babies


Peaceful. Fair. Social. Cooperative. Not a fan of being alone. If this sounds like a little one living in your house, you’re most likely raising a Libra. Now, I don’t have any Libras in my house, but I know a few Libras and I was also raised by one. My Dad is a Libra and while reading up on all the stereotypical Libra traits, he seems to be pretty true to his sign. Apparently, Libras are known as being very likeable people, and I think I would have to agree with this. In addition to my Dad, I also have a good friend and a sister-in-law who fall under this sign and they’re all very likeable. I mean, Libras are known for their irresistible charm after all. More on that soon! If you’re currently raising a Libra, you’re probably wondering what might be in store for you in the years…