Courageous. Determined. Passionate. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and they have a lot of great qualities. If you’ve got a little Aries at home, you’re probably thinking you’ve got a stubborn little human on your hands since their symbol is the Ram. However, when researching this sign, stubbornness wasn’t mentioned in the list of Aries traits. Trust me, I looked. So maybe Rams aren’t as stubborn as we think? They might have quite the temper though. More on that later… Over the years, I’ve known quite a few Aries. I dated one back in college, my good friend was born at the end of March, and I know a handful of others as well. So, I had quite a few people to keep in mind when I was reading about the stereotypical characteristics Rams are traditionally known to have. Turns out – most of the Aries I…