bread recipe


(Reposted March 2023, back by popular demand!)  I’ve always insisted on eating mostly organic and once I had kids, my obsession with wholesome food got even worse. For the most part, you can find really good organic food at your local grocery store. You may pay a pretty penny for it, but it’s there. The one thing I was not finding at my local stores, however, was organic bread. I can see why: it spoils easily if not kept in perfect conditions and eaten fairly quickly. I knew that if I wanted my family to eat really-good-for-you bread, I would have to find my own homemade sandwich bread recipe. Here’s the thing: I hate cooking. I hate baking. I pretty much hate being in the kitchen. I’m the type of wife/mom who does what’s necessary to put a nutritious meal on the table but don’t expect anything fancy (my husband,…