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Planning your family’s first-ever camping trip? Forgive the tent-related pun, but you might be feeling like the stakes are high, with the trip’s success resting entirely on you. However, there’s no need to (brace yourself for tent pun #2) get in a flap about it! We’re here to help with practical tips to ensure you have a tent full of happy campers from start to finish. Read on for 20 tips for first-time camping families. Before you go Limit the distance. Don’t venture too far on the first trip. If you keep your travel time reasonable, it will be easier to head home if there is bad weather or someone becomes sick or injured. Search for a nearby location with convenient amenities and family-friendly features like a beach or playground. Talk about it. Since this will be a new experience for some (or all) family members, chat about what to expect. Camping…