In 2023, we had the pleasure of printing out adorable names for labeling your kid’s things! Whether it was for back-to-school supplies, baby bottles, or sports equipment, we saw a lot of name trends that caught our attention. Some cute names stood out more than others, and we couldn’t help but notice their popularity. Top baby names at Mabel’s Labels & baby name predictions for 2024. We’re grateful that we get to see so many gorgeous kids’ names each year, and we hope to continue seeing them year after year!

Most popular boys’ names at Mabel’s Labels and what they mean (according to Nameberry):


English origin meaning “God is Gracious”. #14 most popular in the USA, and first at Mabel’s



HENRY: German origin, meaning “Estate ruler”.  #7th most popular in the USA, and second at Mabel’s Labels



CHARLIE: English origin, meaning “Free man”.  #178 in the USA – yet third for Mabels’ Labels!



OLIVER: Latin meaning “Olive tree”. #3 most popular name in the USA for 2022.



LUKA: Italian origin, meaning “Man from Luciana.” #117 in the USA – yet fifth at Mabels Labels!



WILLIAM: German meaning, “Resolute protection.” #6 in the USA – and also at Mabel’s Labels!

Most popular girls’ names at Mabel’s Labels:




CHARLOTTE: French origin, a diminutive of Charles. #3 in the USA – yet first at Mabel’s Labels



OLIVIA: Latin origin, “olive tree”.  #1 in the USA – second at Mabel’s Labels



EMMA: German origin, meaning “universal”.  #2 in the USA – and three at Mabel’s Labels



CAROLINE: French, another variation of Charles. #77 in the USA – yet fourth at Mabel’s Labels



ELLIE: English, Elaboration of Ella “all, completely; fairy maiden”. #33 in the USA and fifth at Mabel’s Labels!



AMELIA: German origin, meaning “work”. #4 in the USA and sixth at Mabel’s Labels.

We love this list and think each name is just so adorable, following the state-by-state trends is so fun! We also see many unique names each and every day. Whenever we see one, we really love we call it out and discuss how adorable it is. It’s not unusual to hear squeals at some of the adorable name on labels that we love. It truly goes to show how a name can have such an impact, and when it’s paired on a cute label we feel we know the personality of each baby or kid.

Unique baby girls names:


Unique boys’ names:


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