November babies


It’s the start of the holiday season! It’s still Fall-like weather! It’s another one of my favourite months! If you ask me, November rocks! Now, some might think I’m saying this because I have a November birthday, but that’s not the only reason. If you read my October babies post, you know that I’m a lover of all things Fall and everything I love about Fall just continues throughout the month of November. Then you add in the start of the holiday season, and everything just feels all merry and bright! Plus, I love all things peppermint, cinnamon, and cranberry. I was definitely born in the right month! Those born in November have some great things going for them. Like October babies, they’re destined to be great athletes. Due to the two astrological signs in November, they’re known for being great friends, and their birthday month is also Peanut Butter…