parenting styles


The term “gentle parenting” is doing the rounds in the news and social media, and many people have conflicting opinions about it. Many people, however, are still confusing gentle parenting with permissive parenting. Both these parenting styles have a thin line between them, which may be easy to cross. What is gentle parenting? It is backed by research, leaning towards authoritative parenting. It draws a clear boundary with your children that is helpful for their safety and well-being. It involves resolving conflicts together by discussing the reason behind the set rules and boundaries. It looks beyond punishments and consequences of bad behaviour and focuses more on the reason why the child is behaving a particular way. What is permissive parenting? Permissive parents have extremely low expectations from their children. They believe that their child is incapable of making better choices. Permissive parenting gives all the control to the child and…