Energetic. Extroverted. Enthusiastic. If you have a bundle of energy running around your house, they might just be a little Sagittarius. Now, full disclosure here, I am a Sagittarius. Growing up I always found astrology to be fun and interesting to read about, so I know a fair amount about this specific sign. Of course, I didn’t take it very seriously, but that being said… I’m pretty darn close to being your typical Sagittarius. Sagittarians are known as the travelers of the zodiac, and I laughed a little bit when I read that because our family went on FOUR vacations this past year. We were making up for lost time due to the pandemic and don’t typically take that many vacations in a year but trust me – I’d LOVE to! So, what else can you expect if you’re raising a little Archer or expecting one to arrive very soon?…