Courageous, but tender. Demanding, yet emotional. For those of you with a little Scorpio in your house…how are you? Are you doing alright? I say this because Scorpios are not easy. All the parents of Scorpios are nodding their heads right now and saying things like “You got that right!” or “Don’t I know it!” or “Is that why my kid is so stubborn?!” Yes! It’s not genetics. I mean, it could be genetics, but you can totally blame it on their astrological sign. You have one passionate, determined, and independent child on your hands – and that’s not a bad thing! Just think of the things they’ll accomplish in life! Scorpios have a combination of characteristics that are rarely seen in other signs. If you’re currently raising a Scorpio, or you’re expecting one soon, let see what the experts say! First, we’ll start with the basics of the Scorpio…