World Down Syndrome Day


What does the word inclusion mean to us? If you ask me, a mother of a 4-year-old girl with Down Syndrome. I will say that it means that she is valued and given equal opportunities to flourish in society, as any neurotypical child would. If you ask my husband, he will say that it means the whole world looks at Reeyah through his lens and appreciates her uniqueness. If Reeyah’s older sister Aayra gets asked this question, she would only want other children at the playground to stop staring at her sister and asking her why her sister cannot walk yet. Lastly, if Reeyah gets asked about what inclusion means to her, she would just want everyone around her to stop treating her like a baby. Her petite frame often makes her look like a 2-year-old. Different things to different people The “In” in inclusion means different things to members…