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Baby Labels

  1. Baby Label Pack
    Baby Label Pack

    A little bundle of personalized waterproof labels and tags designed especially for all your baby’s needs.

    Large Rectangle Labels 2-3/4” x 5/8”
    Small Rectangle Labels 1-1/2" x 5/16"
    Shoe Labels (1 pair) 1.3"
  2. Baby Bottle Bands
    Baby Bottle Bands

    Personalized, reusable baby bottle name bands that stretch to fit snugly around baby bottles and sippy cups. Available in two sizes and six eye-catching colours.

    • Small: diameter is 2.16"; overall dimensions are 7" x 1" x .08" Fits well with most Dr Brown’s, Evenflo, and most glass baby bottles. Please note that the Dr. Brown’s 4oz Plastic Natural Flow Bottle is too small for our bands).
    • Large: diameter is 2.51"; overall dimensions are 7.87" x 1" x .08". Fits well with Tommy Tippy, Avent, and Playtex bottles.
  3. Large Rectangle Labels
    Personalized Name Stickers

    Large, easy-to-read multi-purpose labels that peel and stick to lunch containers, water bottles, and more.

    Labels 2-3/4” x 5/8”
  4. Baby Shower Label Gift Set
    Baby Shower Label Gift Set

    Look no further for the perfect shower gift. Our most sought-after baby name labels now in beautiful new styles, and perfectly curated into a thoughtful gift set parents will love.

    Large Rectangle Labels 2-3/4” x 5/8”
    Small Rectangle Labels 1-1/2" x 5/16"
    Shoe Labels (1 pair) 1.3"
    Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels 13/16" x 3/8"
    Personalized Plastic Bag Tags 2-1/8" x 2-1/2"
  5. Baby Bottle Labels
    Baby Bottle Labels

    Customizable and washable labels for sending bottles to daycare. Write dates on and then simply wipe them off.

    Labels 1.5" x 2.75"
  6. Pacifier Labels
    Pacifier Labels

    A combination of perfectly sized tear-resistant and sterilizer safe labels, perfect for labeling all brands of pacifiers.

    Wraparound Pacifier Labels 6.35mm x 44.45mm (0.25" x 1.75")
    Mini Rectangle Labels 6.86mm x 22.86mm (0.27" x 0.9")
    Mini Round Labels 19.05mm (0.75")
  7. Iron-On Clothing Labels
    Iron On Clothing Labels

    Laundry-safe labels that iron on to keep family laundry sorted and organized. A perfect solution for towels, socks and tagless clothing.

    Iron-On Labels 1-1/2" x 5/16"
  8. Personalized Wooden Baby Name Announcement Personalized Wooden Baby Name Announcement

    Personalized Wooden Baby Name Announcements are a cute way to share your baby’s birth and welcome them to the world! Ideal for newborn photos, a baby shower gift, or a beautiful family keepsake.

    1 Natural Basswood 4” diameter; 0.11" thickness;
  9. Personalized Wooden Bag Tags Personalized Wooden Bag Tags

    Custom engraved wooden bag tags are a unique way to label your backpacks, diaper bags, gifts and more! The rustic look of these tags also offers a fun way to customize your kids’ summer camp gear!

    1 Small Bag Tag 2"
    1 Large Bag Tag 2.5"


You spent months choosing the perfect baby name so now is the time to share it with the world! Name Labels are an essential item for new moms. Baby labels and save you time (searching) and money (replacing)! Mabel’s Labels has personalized value packs of labels that moms will love. With our selection of baby name label options, you can easily find the label pack that is perfectly fit to identify all your baby's clothes and gear. Our value packs include everything you'll need to make sure that everything that goes onto baby or into your diaper bag comes back home again. There is nothing worse than losing a precious stuffed toy, or the pacifier that will save the day. Label all your baby gear, and you’ll save yourself that stress.

Features of the labels in any of our Baby Label Packs:

-Laundry proof (Washer and dryer safe)
-Waterproof & Weatherproof
-Easy to Apply
-An Adhesive that Stays Stuck
-High-Performance Vinyl, Won’t Rip or Peel  
-Personalized Designs with adorable baby related icons
-Easy to Order 
-FREE Shipping on any baby value pack or baby bottle orders
-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (our customer service team are always happy to help)    

Which labels are best for your baby's stuff?

Baby Label Pack:

We put together a selection of our favorite name labels, and the ones we know you’ll need to cover all the baby gear you now have (who knew babies needed so much stuff!?) The baby label value pack includes a little bundle of personalized waterproof (and spit-up proof) labels and tags designed especially for all your little one’s needs. From pacifiers to bottles, onesies to booties, this pack has a label for every one of your baby’s items.  This baby label value pack even includes a bag tag - the perfect identifier for your diaper bag! With a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, we know that you’ll find labels that will suit your baby’s style.

Baby Bottle Labels:

Baby bottle labels are one of those items you didn’t know you needed, but you really do. These adorable labels are freezer, microwave, dishwasher safe. They can even go through the sterilizer! They’ll save a ton of confusion when organizing breastmilk or formula, and help a sleepless parent stay organized. They’re also great for sending your little bundle off to childcare with, baby bottle name labels are a lifesaver at daycare by helping the right bottle stay with the right baby and keeping germs away! These labels come customized with your baby’s name, as well as space to write dates on them using a fine tip dry erase marker, then wipe or wash off for the next use! The labels come in four cute designs.

Personalized Wooden Baby Name Announcements:

What’s cuter than your baby? Well, nothing. But we do think our Personalized Wooden Baby Name Announcements are pretty adorable. They make a beautiful and unique accessory for photographs announcing the baby’s arrival and introducing their name. These wooden discs also make a thoughtful gift and a special family keepsake.

Iron-On Baby Labels:

Many baby clothes come tagless, and our iron-on labels are perfect for these items. You’ll go through a LOT of onesies (hello, poop explosions) so these baby labels are a great solution to labelling tagless items, including those sweet baby socks (gosh they’re so cute). Mabel’s Labels Iron-On Clothing Labels are the same great cuteness and the same great durability. They’re laundry safe and will last wash after wash there will be a lot of washing, and these baby labels will stick with you through it all.

Baby Labels make a great gift! Looking for a unique baby shower gift? Baby Name Labels are always a hit! We all know that baby shower gifts are the one gift you really want to nail, and with such a practical, cute and personalized item your gift will be a hit!  Custom Baby Labels make a truly unique gift that parents will be so thankful for. Often, new parents don’t know how life changing baby labels can be, so they don’t get them for themselves. You can wow them at the Baby Shower with a truly unique and thoughtful gift!

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