Keeping track of which bottle belongs to your little one can be a challenging task, especially if you’re using silicone baby bottles, swim goggles, pacifiers, pop-its, funky pencil cases or anything else kids have that’s silicone!

While it’s easy to write your baby’s name on the bottles, you might find that the name labels keep falling off, making it difficult to keep track of which bottle or pacifier belongs to your baby at daycare. We’ve heard from many parents who have faced this issue and have tried various hacks like painter’s tape, electrical tape, and Sharpies, but nothing works. Painter’s and electrical tape often peel off, while Sharpies tend to rub off and leave your little one’s hands stained.

If you’re struggling with this problem, you’re not alone! Fortunately, there are some solutions that you can try that will work and help you keep track of which bottle belongs to your little one and prevent germy mix-ups.

What is silicone, and why does nothing stick to it!? 

Silicone is a synthetic rubber created with silicone and oxygen. Silicone does not allow for microbiological growth, (which means it’s FDA compliant) and that’s why it is so is often used for products that require good hygiene, like many baby, children’s and personal care products. 

Due to the low surface energy of silicone it cannot create a bond and nothing will stick to it. So don’t be fooled by label companies claiming their markers, stamps or labels will stick. They will stick as well as jelly being nailed to a wall.

We have solutions! While we understand that nothing will stick, we have workarounds that will allow you to label all your kid’s silicone items. 

How to label silicone baby bottles

You can label silicone baby bottles in a few ways. Firstly, you can use a small rectangle label to adhere to the edge of the plastic lid.  You can find the small rectangle labels on their own, or as part of the top-selling Baby Label Pack or the Daycare Label Pack 

You can use a Baby Bottle Band to adhere around the bottle. These bottle bands are laser engraved with your child’s name, and they silicone band fits snugly around the bottle. If you need want to tightest fit it over the silicone bottle you can first freeze your baby bottle (just using water) once solid you can fit your bottle band snugly around the silicone baby bottle and it will flex and compress with the bottle. You can put it in the bottle warmer and dishwasher without needing to remove it!

Mabel’s Labels Baby Bottle Bands are reusable and easy to clean, making them a cost-effective, convenient safe solution for labeling your baby’s bottles and a top choice among parents! 

How to label a silicone pacifier  

Pacifier Labels! The most clever labels ever! This pack of labels combines perfectly sized tear-resistant and sterilizer-safe labels. If you have a silicone pacifier, the wraparound label can be looped through the hole or handle, and voila, it sticks to itself and won’t fall off.  

They’re waterproof (and drool-proof!), so they can be washed, wiped, and put through the sterilizer without falling off!   

How to Label Silicone Swim Goggles


Kids off to camp or swim lessons? Swim goggles can be tricky to label because they’re made of silicone (and obviously, you don’t want to label the lens). The pacifier labels will work similarly. However, if you’re not looking to purchase them separately, you can use either a small rectangle label or a large rectangle label and simply fold the label over the strap at the back of the head. The label will stick to itself and remain stuck!

The labels are waterproof, so they won’t fall off in the pool, lake, or bathtub (because inevitably, your child will wear goggles in the tub one day, just because).

If you’re heading to camp, the Day Camp Label Pack includes the small rectangle labels, and the Sleepaway Label Pack includes of the large rectangle labels, so your camp label pack will already have what you need to label your swim goggles.

How to label silicone reusable snack bags 

Look for silicone snack bags with this little plastic loop in the corner. A personalized mini bag tag will easily fit through the loop, and your kids won’t lose or mix-up their snack bag again.

If you’re looking for tips on how to wash your silicone bottles, straws and toys, read this post for all the best tips!


Mabel's Labels is the leading provider of personalized labels for the stuff kids tend to lose.

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