The Best Dad Bloggers You Need to Follow on Social Media

Mom bloggers get a lot of love in the digital world, but you know who else is killing it with humour, parenting wisdom, domestic tips and overall awesomeness?


Let’s be clear, moms are awesome. We know stuff and we smell good (most days), but men bring a completely different perspective to the parenting space and their willingness to break down stereotypes and build community one post at a time is pretty darn awesome.

Here are some of our favourite guys sharing their fatherhood journeys, whether that includes travel, crafting, raising daughters, parenting multiples, vasectomies or mainlining coffee and wine, just like us mamas. Some of them have five kids, some of them have twins, some of them are single and at least one is a stay at home dad. But all of them deserve a look because over-sharing isn’t just for moms anymore.


Buzz Bishop @buzzbishop,, @dadcamp

This Calgary-based writer, broadcaster and father of two is a media veteran who tweets about fatherhood, culture, Diabetes awareness and things to do around Calgary. Don’t miss his take on the uptight parenting vs. wild kids debate on his @dadcamp Twitter account.


Mike Julianelle @dadandburied,

This self-described “grumpy” Brooklyn dad tweets and blogs because it’s cheaper than therapy. On Twitter, Mike’s 40,000+ followers are treated to a mix of hilarious observations about parenting and thoughtful blogs like how to develop your “parent voice.”


Robert Knop @FatherWithTwins

As a Los-Angeles-based father of twins Mike is a Buzzfeed, Babble and Huffington Post Parents contributor who writes and tweets about the hilarious things his nine-year old twins do and say. Come for the funny, stay for the cautionary tales, such as: Welcome to parenting, now all of your hoodies have spare napkins in them. TRUTH.


Casey E. Palmer @CaseP,

Casey writes about raising his multi-racial family of four in an urban setting (Toronto). His interests include tech, food, travel and his parenting swoon-worthy littles. Check out Casey’s Instagram, in particular, to see all the ways he’s nailing this fatherhood thing.


Chris Read @CanadianDadBlog,

As a Canadian hockey lover, husband, father of two, and self-described former rock star, Chris tweets and blogs about fatherhood and its evolving role. And he’s funny as hell. Don’t miss the pinned Tweet of Chris doing a gymnastics routine with his daughter.


Mike Reynolds @EverydayGirldad,, Sew Manly podcast

If you struggle with anxiety and body image, Mike is guaranteed to have something to say that will help you feel less alone. He writes openly about his own struggles with these and other issues, like gender stereotypes. And he’s a mean cross-stitcher.


James R.C. Smith @jamesrcs,

Whether it’s screen time, fashion tips for Dads or an inside look at what parents REALLY want for Christmas, James is your guy. His warm and funny take on parenting is a welcome addition to any day.


Greg Schwem @funnydadinc,

Chicago Tribune humo(u)r columnist Greg Schwem is a must-follow, especially if you have daughters who, like Greg’s, are “100 percent devoted to text messaging” and documenting “their entire lives via social media.”


Jason Thompson @artofdad,

Jason chronicles his parenting experiences through funny and adorable sketches. Want to teach your kids why it’s not nice to steal other people’s stuff? There’s a sketch for that.



Relatable toddler parenting nuggets plus gorgeous photography = one really good follow. Check him out if you want to be inspired (or to feel bad about the poorly lit photos, low def photos you post on your feeds.)



UK-based Andrew is a father of two, helicopter pilot and Dad blogger. His MANternity musings are spot on and he advocates for equality so we’re pretty much all in on this guy. Don’t miss his post titled “GO THE F**K TO SLEEP aka The night I almost lost it.”



Heartwarming stories from two gay dads about their parenting and travel adventures with their two teenage girls. From head lice to cultural celebrations to zucchini blossoms there’s a little something for everyone here and we love how they’re all in on fatherhood and honouring their daughters’ heritage.



Jen Millard is a writer who's not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking about parenting and relationships. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram via @jennemillard or at

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