Fundraising is inevitably a necessary burden to keep schools, clubs, and organizations running these days. From needing to cover travel costs, uniforms, equipment for kids to overall helping under-funded programs up and running.

The benefits of fundraising are so great for kids; you need to understand the most effective way to raise money for the kids’ school or organization.

The big downside to fundraising is that it’s a BIG job. It’s a full-time job and can add to already busy and stressed parents. Whether you’re asking parents to sell chocolate bars, wrapping paper, or magazine subscriptions, parents get tired of the time-consuming burden of fundraising, and organizers get tired of the planning, distribution, and overall logistics.

There are many flaws with fundraising programs, but we’re here to show you how we’ve created the most straightforward way for both parents and organizations to raise funds without needing the added burden.

Our Program is simple:
  • 1) Organizers sign up here (It takes only seconds!)
  • 2) We provide marketing materials to share with
  • 3) Parents buy name labels online and receive them in the mail
  • 4) We mail the organization a check of 20% commission of the sale

These name labels help keep lost and found bins empty, avoid germy mix-ups and help parents avoid lost items!

Here are the top five complaints about Fundraising programs and how Mabel’s Labels Fundraising program is set up to eliminate these problems for both parents and organizers: 

1. Fundraising Fatigue

Parents get asked multiple times a year for money from various organizations. This means that if there are numerous kids, they may be selling almonds and only have a limited amount of people in their village to sell to. Grandparents don’t need excess products they don’t use, so parents stop asking. They get fundraising fatigue.


With Mabel’s Labels Fundraising Program, we don’t ask that families go out and ask the community for money. Instead, we simply provide a product that parents need (kids name labels), and the organization gets 20% commission on the sale.

Why do you need Name Labels??

Name Labels are the easiest way for schools to keep their lost & found bins empty! Parents don’t need to buy multiples of school supplies because if they get misplaced (and let’s be honest, what kid doesn’t misplace their stuff!), they are quickly returned to the right kid. Plus, no mix-ups mean kids only touch and drink from their water bottles, so no more germy mix-ups! 

2. Poor Planning

Very few schools, camps, or kids’ organizations have someone dedicated to raising funds. This means they’re often doing a full-time job on top of a full-time job. It’s exhausting and a huge burden to carry. It can be hard to manage the logistics of product inventory, distribution, financial management, promotion, and more, that go into running a program. It’s too much.


With Mabel’s Labels Fundraising Program, we do all the work.
You DO NOT need to distribute products; we send the labels directly to parents.   
You DO NOT need to manage the logistics; we take the orders directly.
You DO NOT need to manage finances; we send you a monthly check with 20% commission on all your sales.

3. Lack of Promotion

It’s so hard to promote extensive and confusing programs, from trying to simplify and create materials to convey the messaging to parents.  This can take a great deal of time and energy, and often falls by the wayside resulting in a failed fundraiser.


With Mabel’s Labels Fundraising Program, you DO NOT need to create promotional materials. We provide you with all marketing materials. There is a “hub” of information that you can access at any time. Our coordinators email you with any sales and include ALL the promotional material you’ll need. We will even provide you an image AND caption to post on your social media with updates and info.

4. Products parents don’t want, need or use

It’s not easy to get parents enthusiastic over selling stuff they don’t need or want. By doing this, you don’t get support from the parents and won’t see results. Parents don’t want to be left with the stuff, and as mentioned above, the fundraising fatigue from families (friends, grandparents, neighbors, and co-workers are also tired of feeling obligated to buy things they don’t want or need or use).


Mabel’s Labels Kids name labels are one of those items on the “school supplies list” It’s an item that parents should buy regardless- so why not make funds from the name labels!? It’s a no-brainer! Parents are getting high-quality name labels they need with no obligation to ask friends and co-workers for support. The name labels are personalized, high-quality products that help parents (and schools) keep items out of the lost and found.

5. Fundraiser Cancellations in covid times

Multiple fundraisers have had to be canceled during these challenging times. Door-to-door selling to neighbors isn’t possible, bake sales are unsafe, and with closures and shut-downs, the logistics sometimes become impossible to manage, and the program falls apart. 

Read more ideas about operating fundraisers during covid here! 


Mabel’s Labels fundraising program runs regardless of the health and safety situation. It’s always non-contact; parents order simply online, the labels get shipped to them directly, and the organization receives a check; it’s safe and straightforward!


Mabel's Labels is the leading provider of personalized labels for the stuff kids tend to lose.

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