Ahhhh, Geminis. As someone who lives in a house with not just one but TWO Geminis, you’d think I’d be an expert on what to expect, right? Well, full disclosure…I’m not. Not even a little bit. My husband is a Gemini, and our youngest son is a Gemini as well, and I can at least tell you one thing from personal experience – it’s never boring. Here are some tips on how to raise a Gemini. 

While I was researching the stereotypical traits of Geminis, I found myself nodding along and smiling because some of them were completely spot-on for either my husband, my son or BOTH! Maybe that’s why they butt heads so much. They’re too much alike! Or perhaps it’s the mood swings Geminis are known for. Of course, they’re known for being affectionate too, so hopefully, things balance out.  

Now until June 20, we’re celebrating Gemini. So, what can you expect if you’re raising a Gemini? Let’s see what all the experts say! First, we’ll start with the basics of Gemini.

Birthdate – May 21 – June 20  

Element – Air Sign

Symbol – The Twins

If you’ve got a little Gemini in the house, you might be wondering what kind of personality you can expect in the years to come. Below are some positive and negative personality traits traditionally associated with Gemini. (You can find the whole list here)

Positive Traits 

  • Curiosity – This is one of those traits that made me smile and nod because it applies to my son 100%. Geminis are dependent on new information. They need to know everything, and they ask a lot of questions. We actually joke about giving our youngest a maximum number of questions he’s allowed to ask in a day.  
  • Social – Geminis are social butterflies! They connect with people easily, have great communication skills, and are very welcoming. Geminis are known as the most sociable sign of the zodiac. This one applies to my husband.
  • Good Sense of Humour – This one is so true! Geminis are often good jokers. They are known for having a great sense of humor and know how to make others laugh. With two Geminis, this must be why my house is always full of laughter.
  • Creativity – Geminis have the most creative nature, and the most lively imagination of the zodiac!  
  • Courteous – Do you notice your little Gemini thinking of others often? Holding doors? Geminis are known for their courteous behavior, which helps them win over many friends.

Negative Traits 

  • Immaturity – Why grow up? That’s the way Geminis think. They are known for being silly and behaving like children into adulthood because…why not?!
  • Mood Swings – Ever notice your Gemini smiling and having fun one minute and frowning the next? Apparently, Geminis are known for having mood swings. Maybe it’s that whole dual-personality twin thing kicking in.
  • Impulsive – Geminis are known for lacking patience and no self-control. They are easily tempted, and this could lead to reckless decisions. This one is a trait I’ve noticed with my youngest. He has ZERO self-control when it comes to ice cream. Can you really blame him, though?

Now, onto the likes and dislikes of typical Geminis. Of course, not every person under this sign is the same, but knowing what Geminis are stereotypically interested in might give you a chance to try new things you didn’t think of before!


  • Books & Magazines – You might have a little bookworm on your hands. So, you may notice them gravitating towards books, magazines, graphic novels, or anything else with pages they can turn.  
  • Chatting – As we said earlier, Geminis are very social. So, your little Gemini will likely enjoy talking to anyone who will listen to them. So, be sure to talk to them often and give them opportunities to talk to family members and friends. Or grocery store clerks. Or anyone, really.
  • Music – The two Geminis in my house both absolutely LOVE music. There is ALWAYS music playing in the background at our house. In fact, there’s music on right now as I type. So, keep some music on at home, and you might find your little Gemini bopping along.


  • Being Alone – Again, Geminis are social creatures, so they prefer to be with people, not by themselves. Just something to keep in mind if you notice your little one getting upset when you leave the room or leave them on their own to do something.
  • Repetition and Routine – Some people thrive on having a routine. Geminis are not one of those people. They apparently like to mix things up and keep things new and exciting.

As you can see, Geminis are fun people to be around. I’d consider yourself lucky if you have one running around your house right now. They will likely keep things interesting for years to come. And apparently make you laugh too!  

If you’re a Gemini or are currently raising one, let us know in the comments below if the experts are right! Funny stories are also welcome! For more info on June Babies give this a read! 


Linsey is a happily married mother of two living in Plainfield, ON. When she’s not busy chasing her two crazy boys, she’s running her own freelance writing company, Little Miss Creative. In her downtime, she enjoys tea, backyard BBQs, watching Friends reruns, and hanging out with her family and friends. Oh, and candy.

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