The centre of attention. Ridiculously creative. Fearless. A born leader. Sound familiar? If so, you likely have a little Leo in your life. While I don’t have any first-hand experience raising a Leo, I do know quite a few. Three nephews, a niece, and my mother-in-law were all born under the Leo sign. So, it’s safe to say I have spent quite a bit of time around Leos.

After doing some research about the stereotypical characteristics of Leos, I think it’s pretty accurate to say that Leos know what they want. They appear to have strong personalities and high expectations. They’re are Lions though, so they’re also warmhearted and super loyal. There’s a lot to cover when it comes to Leos, so let’s dive in and see what the experts say!

First, we’ll start with the basics of the Leo sign.

Birthdate – July 23 – August 22

Element – Fire Sign

Symbol – The Lion

For those with little Leos, you’re probably not wondering what type of personality your wee one will have. Chances are, you already know it’s a strong one! It’s still fun to read about all the personality traits traditionally associated with Leos though to see if they match up. Below are some positive and negative Leo traits.  (You can find the whole list here)

Positive Traits

Strength – Leos are strong, both physically and mentally. Just like their symbol, the Lion. They’re courageous and full of energy and power.

Leadership – Leos are born leaders. No matter what the situation, they will try to take control and lead the way.

Creativity – Your little Lion is a very creative creature, particularly when it comes to dancing. They often express their emotions through body movements. They tend to like stimulating activities and can be excellent performers.

Determination – Leos are known for being stubborn, and we’ll get to that below. However, the positive side of this stubbornness is their determination. They never give up on things they’ve started, and they tend to pave their way to success with confidence.

Optimism – Even in the most difficult situation, Leos will see the light at the end of the tunnel. They always look for the good instead of focusing on the bad.


Negative Traits

Arrogance – Since Lions are always in search of popularity and success, they often cross the line of confidence and can become conceited and arrogant.

Stubborn – Lions are just as stubborn as bulls. They have a hard time accepting that they could be mistaken, so they will stand their ground until the end even when proven wrong.

Lazy – Like most cats, Lions are lazy. They’re never in a hurry to work and they would rather spend their time procrastinating and laying in the sun. They tend to choose the easiest way and will avoid tasks that don’t being them joy or recognition.


Now that we know all about the personality of typical Leos, let’s dive into their likes and dislikes. It might help you bond with your Leo a little more and understand them a bit better.


Bright Colours – If you find your little one gravitating towards all things bright and colourful, it makes perfect sense. Since Leos like bright colours, keep that in mind when picking out toys and clothes.

Taking Holidays – It seems that Leos like adventures! Or maybe it’s the whole laying in the sun thing? Either way, if you’re thinking about a family vacation, it sounds like your little Leo will totally be up for it!

Expensive Things – Leos tend to like the finer things in life. Now, I know that’s not exactly what you want to hear, but it’s good to have a heads-up, right??



Being Ignored – I don’t think any of us really enjoy being ignored, but Leos REALLY don’t like being ignored. So, you may notice your Leo getting angry or asking for your attention if you’re not completely focused on them.

Not Being Treated Like a King/Queen – It appears that Leos have some high expectations. Now, I’m not suggesting you start treating them like royalty or anything, but it’s just something to keep in mind for the future.


When it comes to raising a Leo, I think parents need all the help they can get! So, if you have a Leo at home, give us all the tips you have in the comments below!

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