New year, new beginnings! It’s the time of year when we start to look around our house and discover that some areas are a hot mess. The media tells us that this is the time to find a fresh start, clean-up and get organized. So here we are – looking at our pantries and realizing this is an area that really needs so organization. And organization means LABELS!

We love the look of a neatly labeled pantry. And perfectly cute pantry canisters labels. Not only can you be a feel organized, but in doing so you your pantry into something Pinterest worthy, and that’s so satisfying. However, here in lies the problem – cannister commitment issues.  It’s so hard to commit to a canister with a beautiful label if we’re worried it might change. We’re here to tell you show you 5 ways you can move beyond cannister commitment issues.

1) Take Counter Inventory.

Look at what sit our on your counter all the time. In my house, it was our favourite cereal, oats, the coffee pods and sugar. These items were always just in their boxes floating around the counter tops in and out of the cabinets, looking messy.

2) Take interior cabinet inventory.

Next, I noted what was most used inside the cabinet. In my home it was brown rice, walnuts, quinoa, and pasta. As well as protein powder, almonds, flour, and cookies. Everything else was in cans or fresh items not suitable for canisters. From this inventory I was able to create my list:  

Brown Rice
Pasta – Spaghetti
Pasta- Rotini
Protein Powder

3) Note the sizes you need.  

Most of them were self-explanatory (tall for pasta) tiny for sugar. Big for flour. I found a set that had what I needed. Although I purchased a cookie jar separately. And needed to purchase a separate canister for my flour, as the set I bought didn’t include that. So make sure your set has something for everything on your list.

4) Know what needs to be airtight.

I bought all my jars airtight just to be safe. But it’s important that you get a good seal on stuff like your flour/ protein powder/ and cookies (although, in our house they don’t last long enough to even go stale)

By the time I reached step 4, my commitment issues were getting better. I had everything in my canisters for a week. On my countertop I had coffee pods, sugar, cereal and oats. Everything else was in the pantry, cupboards or refrigerator (we refrigerate our almonds and walnuts). I have found that the kids seemed to reach for a handful of nuts more often than they did when the nuts were in a bag, so that’s a win I didn’t expect!

5) Time to Label!

I had not yet labeled- I planned on living with our unlabeled canisters for only a week or so. I wanted to know for sure that I’d made the right decision. However, after only a few days I decided to go for the pantry container labels, everything felt right, and I was so excited to get to the final step! I labeled – they look amazing, and I have no regrets!

So, follow these four steps and you too can overcome your canister commitment issues! You’ll thank yourself when your countertops look organized, your pantry looks Pinterest worthy, and your kids are actually eating almonds!

Now that you’ve mastered the kitchen, give the rest of the house a try! 

Here are the pantry labels I chose:

pantry labels


Natalie Martinez is a wife, mother, daughter, sister. She's a social worker and advocate for mental health and women's rights.

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