The daddy-daughter relationship is a huge and important one. Inevitably, it will change as your little girl grows up. We all know it will happen, yet so few dads are prepared. It often occurs far younger and much quicker than many dads know. So it’s time we open up the conversation with our girls and start teaching dads how to navigate this awkward time so it isn’t so uncomfortable. Dads need to learn how to support their daughters through puberty. It hit me hard when I learned that 3 out of 10 girls experience puberty at the age of 8. That means you only spend about 8-10 years parenting your little girl. The rest of the time, you’re parenting your daughter as a woman. So, it’s about time we focus on what it means to parent a young woman. you only spend about 8-10 years parenting your little girl. The…

June is Pride Month! We plan on celebrating, supporting, and learning. We have attended the Pride Parade for many years, and we’re excited to participate again after the pandemic. This year, my daughter will be 5, and I’m excited to have her attend. But we’ve put a lot of thought into attending and ensuring that we’re doing it respectfully. Pride is a big deal for the community and not one to take lightly or use simply as a costume party. Here is a guide to some things to consider about attending Pride; why I bring my kid and you should too! Firstly, it’s important to understand why you’re going. So many people have fought for the right to be at the Pride Parade. It’s not just a day for glitter and rainbows. So make sure that your reason for taking your child is genuine and not to play dress-up. Make…

Cis-gender, transgender, agender, non-binary, genderqueer. These are big and scary words. Worse, their use is seemingly fluid, and what was perfectly acceptable yesterday is suddenly offensive today. Some of the people who use these terms are remarkably forgiving when we make mistakes, but some aggressively enforce their ‘correct’ use at all times. All of these factors combine to make the topic of gender a seeming minefield of political correctness over what is a seemingly trivial thing that has only very recently become a prominent issue. The easiest thing by far is to avoid talking about non-standard gender topics entirely, right? After all, this wasn’t an issue when we were growing up. Why is it so important now all of a sudden? There has been an explosion in growth of studies being done on transgender and gender non-conforming folks. At the same time, we’ve opened our eyes as a society to…

As we all prepare for a holiday season like no other, you may be feeling the pressure of making this year’s celebrations extra special for your kids to provide some much needed delight after the challenges of lockdowns, school closures, and cancelled birthday parties. The annual mission of finding the perfect gift for every age—one that is both fun and educational—is coupled with thoughts of a long winter spent at home where kids need to be kept entertained for hours. For some holiday shopping inspiration, look no further!

I feel like it was not long ago that I was happily making the effort to introduce new and effective ways to better myself, for me and my family. I did yoga on Wednesday nights and if I missed a class here or there, I forgave myself for choosing much-needed rest instead. My family was eating healthier by taking the time to cook meals from scratch on the weekends. I took solo walks with my dog. And every day I would give myself reminders to just breathe. It’s quite depressing to think about how that has all quickly flown out the proverbial window. Nothing feels like my normal life right now and it has me wondering: what happened to ME?

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What are Montessori toys and why are they so popular? Montessori is an educational method that was developed by Maria Montessori in 1897. Her educational system is designed to put the child first and allow them to self-lead in the classroom. So, how does this educational style relate to toys? Children are naturally curious and learn through play and things that spark their interest. Toys are one of the first things we introduce to our children. There are tons of toys on the market that encourage children to develop social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills.