T’is the season to start thinking about gifting. that doesn’t come as a surprise, but as a parent, the thing that always does catch me off-guard is the amount of gifts I need! Between my two kids, we have 6 teachers, 4 coaches, plus the 3 lovely ladies in our aftercare program. That’s an additional 13 gifts I need to consider!  They would all be grateful for a card, but I’m a gift-giver! I just love to show how much people mean to me, and gifting is my love language! I’ve found the solution to the perfect unique and practical teacher gifts – without overspending and still keeping it special and personalized!

I’ve been using Mabel’s Labels since my kids were babies, and I’m a huge fan! Their labels are stuck on my kids’ stuff through everything! Plus, we never lose anything! That’s NOT because my kids are organized, but simply that the teachers and coaches can quickly see who’s left their water bottle behind (my kids!) and easily hand it back to them, skipping the lost & found bin process.

Anyway, back to the perfect teacher gift for the Holidays!

I have been gifting name labels for a few years now, and I always get wonderful compliments! I’ve even had past teachers approach me and ask what the labels I gifted them were because they want more! Success!

Here is what I’ve gifted our teachers in the past and will continue to use because they’re such a hit!

Unique & Practical Gift for Teachers:
1) The Teacher Label Gift Pack:

This includes 35+ name labels; the best part is that there are many themes to choose from, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your music teacher, science teacher…, or anyone!
2) Classroom Labels:

Ways to add a little holiday touch to your gift with the ornaments: the added bonus of doing this is that they’ll all be on the same order, and with Mabel’s Labels, you always get FREE shipping so that’s another cost you can eliminate! 

3) The Name Label Gift Pack:

This is my plan for this year; I haven’t used this label pack yet because it’s NEW! But I know it’s made with the same durable vinyl labels as their other labels, so I feel confident in the quality (plus, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you select these with no icon, they make a much more mature-looking label with many color palettes to choose from!

4) Personalized Book Stamp

This is an adorable stamp that teachers will love; it’s a great way for them to personalize their book library and ensure that the books they’ve purchased are returned to their classroom!

5) Personalized Holiday Ornament

Add a little holiday touch to your gift with the ornaments. These can be customized, and the quality is great!  The added bonus of adding this to your gift is with Mabel’s Labels, you always get FREE shipping, so that’s another cost you can eliminate!

Bulk Order Teacher Gifts!  (this is a great little secret!)

6) The Birthday Party Label Pack

This is THE most cost-effective solution for bulk ordering gifts for teachers. Don’t be confused by the name, The Birthday Party Label Pack is an easy way to give every teacher/ coach etc., a small pack of personalized name labels and 1 bag tag. Perfect to slip inside a Holiday card.

These name-label packs can be personalized for each teacher, so you can select a color palette that’s perfect for them. This pack includes 6 sets- and additional sets are only $5… Plus, free shipping is THE most cost-effective way of gifting customized gifts.

The BEST gifts for coaches:  
1) Team Sports Label Pack

Coaches will Love this! It’s a great way to keep the team’s look-a-like gear organized while keeping equipment looking consistent and professional! Plus, it makes their job so much easier at the end of practice when gear is left behind! Add on a personalized ornament or a water bottle band and they’ll be impressed and grateful!

Don’t forget, Mabel’s Labels offers FREE shipping on all their products – so you can’t go wrong with saving yourself time by placing an order for each teacher and having everything shipped quickly for FREE!


Natalie Martinez is a wife, mother, daughter, sister. She's a social worker and advocate for mental health and women's rights.

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