When it comes to having children, we can’t always plan the most perfect birth date for them which can sometimes lead to November, December and even January birthdays. With a birthday so close to the holidays, it feels like making it special for them is an impossible task. While family and friends may be heading into their busy season, we’ve compiled a list of a few different things you can do that might help that holiday baby feel celebrated, no matter the time of year!

How to make your kid’s December birthday special:

  1. Plan Ahead for your child’s birthday

With so much going on at this time of year, it’s important to have a plan ahead of the big day. Start planning as early as you can so that you can ensure other people (if you’re including others) have plenty of time to make sure they can attend as well.

  1. Always use non-holiday wrapping and décor!

It’s easy to just blend the two celebrations together, but it feels even more special to your child when they see that you’ve taken the time to make them two totally separate events. Steer away from the holiday wrapping paper and gift bags (you might have to dig a little at your local drug store for the birthday stuff at this time of year, but it’s there!)

  1. Choose an experience instead of a physical gift!

Gift-giving is a pretty common occurrence when it comes to getting together for the holidays, so you’re best to switch it up when it comes to celebrating a birthday. Opt for an exciting experience like heading to your local movie theatre, run to the arcade, or even just taking a trip to your hometown zoo – they will love the change!

  1. Don’t combine Christmas and birthday gifts!

If you don’t want to entertain the idea of enjoying an experience, try your best to completely separate the gifts you have planned. Let any family and friends know that your child will be getting gifts for Christmas and gifts for their birthday but that they are not to be combined into the same gift-giving event.

If you’re looking for great loot bag ideas, this is our pick! 

  1. Let them pick out their own toy at the store!

Who says you have to have one without the other? If you’re still on the fence, combining gift giving with an experience might be the best fit for you and your family. Head to your local toy store and let your child have their pick when it comes to their birthday gift. It’ll make them feel so special knowing they had a hand in it!

  1. Enjoy dinner out!

The holiday season can be full of family dinners and get togethers, some small and some large, so letting your child choose a dinner experience all of their own will help them feel like number one. Have them pick a restaurant and go crazy – Shirley Temple’s all around!

  1. Turn your Christmas tree into a birthday tree!

Break out the streamers and the festive birthday bows, having a birthday tree is tons of fun! String their favourite ornaments and watch the awe on their face once you’ve completed this fun activity.

  1. Celebrate their half birthday!

The summertime can be a bit more relaxing versus the busy holiday season, so there’s no shame in celebrating the birthday kid a bit earlier than usual! Have a pool party, head outdoors for a BBQ or just enjoy staying up past your bedtime (because you can!) and have the most fun without the stress.

Although December is usually one of the slowest months when it comes to worldwide birthdays, there are still lots of kiddos out there with one (including my own)! It’s so important to make them feel special all while still being surrounded by the magic of the holiday season. Birthdays can truly be just as magic in November and December and they don’t have to take a backseat – celebrate with these fun tips and tricks and enjoy the holidays all on their own. Happy Birthday!


Meet Alina - Alina is a mom of 2 from Ontario, Canada who is also a Journalism Graduate turned Content Creator and Mom Blogger. You can find her often on ice cream dates with her family, or cozying up with popcorn for a movie night in. She loves to write and create content that speaks about motherhood and the madness that surrounds it!

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