Starting daycare or child care can be a significant milestone, not only for your child but for you as well. As you prepare to embark on this adventure and see all the learning and fun your child will participate in, your daycare provider wants you to know these tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Kids & Company, a leading child care and early education provider with locations across the United States and Canada, provides their top tips below.

Start Early 

The earlier you begin your search, the more options you will have available to you, and the more time you will have to evaluate the factors most important to your family.

Learn about Parent Communication Practices

Communication is a factor that can greatly vary between daycare staff and educators. We suggest asking about the daycare’s methods of communication so you know what to expect.

Some daycares provide verbal updates at pickup, or slips of paper with details of the day. Others, like Kids & Company, provide daily digital updates or even secure webcam feeds for families to check in on their children throughout the day.

Plan a Transition

It’s entirely normal for both parents and children to experience separation anxiety during the initial days of daycare. Trust that daycare providers are experienced in handling these situations.

If possible, we recommend having your child start daycare one week (or at least a couple of days) before the date by which you require care.

Kids & Company offers a free transition week to all new families. This way, parents have time to participate in the transition period without distraction, and you and your child have space to process the change.

Check Out the Menu (if the daycare offers meals)

It’s a good idea to get a sense of the daycare’s menu and food philosophy so that you know what your child will be served, and in case of any allergies, intolerances, or food preferences. Some daycares don’t offer any food, while others offer hot lunches and nutritious snacks each day.

Label Everything

Children’s belongings can easily get mixed up in a daycare setting. Labeling your child’s clothes, bottles, and personal items helps the daycare provider keep things organized. It also ensures that your child’s belongings don’t get misplaced.

To learn some strategies for effective labeling for daycares, check out this blog “Labelling for Childcare with Mabel’s Labels: The Ultimate Guide for Busy Parents”.

Starting daycare is a significant milestone in your child’s early development. By understanding and embracing these insights, you can contribute to a positive daycare experience for both your child and the dedicated professionals who will be caring for them.

This blog was written by our friends Kids & Company, a leading provider of childcare and early learning. Learn more about them, here, or fill out an inquiry form, here.


Kids & Company is a leader in early childhood education, operating over 150 child care locations across North America. For more than 20 years, we’ve provided nurturing and stimulating environments where children develop independence, confidence, and a positive sense of self and the world around them.

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