Many of us have goals this year to be more organized around the house. And some of us also have a goal around healthy eating and wellness – everything from cooking more meals at home, eating less processed food, or making healthier choices that promote weight loss. These goals can be a challenge, but the good news is that you can tackle them both simultaneously by focusing on your pantry! They say the kitchen is the heart of the home – well, I say the pantry is the heart of the kitchen. Having an organized pantry can help you cook more, shop smartly and efficiently, and help foster the choices you and your family want to make with regard to food. And you can do all of this while creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing display just like those #pantrygoals posts on Pinterest!

So you’ve decided to get organized for the new year – Congratulations! This is the first step in the creation of a life for you and your family that has more order and clarity and less chaos and stress. You have many things to look forward to: knowing where something is when you need it, feelings of peace and calm when you enter your home, and you might even benefit financially from the fewer things you’ll likely be buying. In fact, studies show that the choice you’ve made might even improve your mental health, help you eat better, and increase your productivity.

A Sleep Consultant's Real Answers to Parents' Top 10 Sleep Questions

I get a lot of questions about sleep – from clients of babies and clients of toddlers; from moms and from dads; from grandma and grandpas; from inexperienced parents, and parents who are on their eighth child. I have answered questions on the phone, via email, through text message, in line at the farmers’ market, and in the bathroom at Starbucks. I… have… heard… it… all. But there are a few questions that really never get old; that are asked over and over again, because they are top of mind for virtually all parents of babies and young children. So, here are my responses to those burning questions – the biggest hurdles and my best answers to those baby sleep challenges!


When it comes to children and sleep, one of the biggest concerns from parents is getting them to bed on time every night. Let’s face it, life is busy. Having a child who doesn’t want to go to sleep tests our limits, frustrates us, and can leave us feeling overwhelmed and beat. Nearly every parent has had to deal with the difficulty of putting a restless child to bed at some point, and for many parents, bedtime is a recurring disastrous nightmare.

How to Choose the Right Preschool

It’s no doubt that our children become our world and we want the best-of-the-best for them. But what happens when the best happens to be just mediocre? Many times our expectations will fall short, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make adjustments to course correct. My daughter is 3-going-on-13 (I mean, about to turn 4) and we have switched her preschool 3 times already. I’ve learned a lot in my search for the perfect preschool, so take a lesson out of my book. These are the top things to consider when picking a great preschool for your little one.