Jennifer White


Every vasectomy begins with a conversation. My husband and I knew we were done having kids, one and done was always what we wanted, and after our first child that thought never wavered. Our family felt complete. However; how we were going to move forward hadn’t yet been discussed. When I broached the subject of a vasectomy, I did so cautiously. I was concerned he’d act like I was sending his member to the guillotine. Luckily for me, it was met with “I agree, and I’m happy to book it” and I let out a sigh of relief, the hard part was over, for me at least. Now the ball was in his court, so to speak.

A Realistic Organization Plan for Moms in 2019

2019 came in with a bang and with it brought…. organization porn?!

Thanks to the popular Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, the masses are attempting to take control of their lives by folding their laundry in thirds and stacking everything upright. I’m not surprised at the popularity of this craze. There’s something quite enjoyable about watching other people organize their homes (and knowing that some people live in a much higher level of disorder is strangely satisfying). By the end of each episode, you’re drawn into the mesmerizing KonMari ways and soon you’re tempted to sort through your entire home, drawer-by-drawer, and decide what sparks joy.

This is where it gets messy, so to speak. Often what sparks joy for me, and I’m sure for many moms, is looking around my home and seeing all the signs of happy kids; toys on the floor, muddy boots in the entryway, mess from a fun craft. But am I creating an excuse to have a messy home? There have been times when I have felt embarrassed at the state of the house, and that’s when I know it’s gone too far. It can so quickly go from being ‘chilled’ to feeling ashamed and overwhelmed, and suddenly you’re spiraling into angry-mom mode, feeling frustrated, underappreciated and resentful. And all while the mess continues to grow.

The problem with the (deceptively) simple KonMari method is that it needs to be 100% perfect, and nothing less. If my clothes aren’t folded in thirds, am I a failure? Of course not, it is one perfectionist’s way of maintaining order and, ultimately, it’s really a system of organization rather than a tiding method. The KonMari method is also only a first (really enormous) step. It will help you organize, but we still need to have a clean house, the method is only as good as it’s user. Your socks are folded into thirds; but if you still feel cheerios crunching under your feet can you still find that inner calm?

Here is a checklist of simple tasks for organization, tidying and cleaning in 2019 that, for most of us, will be manageable. There’s still time to re-write your new year resolutions into something more attainable that you will accomplish and feel proud of.  

Whether you are hosting for the Holidays or just having a cozy night in front of the fire, there’s no denying that wine and cheese add to the pleasure. And while a good wine and cheese pairing can be excellent for self-care, it can also be very confusing and intimidating. After all, most moms wine knowledge is based on what’s on sale at the grocery store. Few of us pay attention to grippy tannins and our idea of “full bodied” conjures up images of our postpartum booty rather than a glass of zinfandel.