Back-to-school means the return of the dreaded “h-word”: homework. Don’t worry, though — we’ve got three “s words” to help you through it (and no, it doesn’t include the one that immediately comes to mind). For Homework tips to make the process more efficient and less painful, try using the three S’s: schedule, space, and support. Schedule – How to create a homework schedule  It’s helpful to establish good habits and a regular homework routine right from the start. You know your child best, so customize the timing by asking the following questions: Are they best suited to tackle their work right after school, before they get caught up in their free time activities? For example, once they get rolling on something fun, will it be a huge battle to transition them back into a school mindset? Would they benefit from a bit of time to decompress and regroup first?…

Now that your child has settled in to a school routine, it’s a good time to talk about setting goals and working toward them. This is a life skill, as there will always be things your child wants to achieve or areas where she needs to improve.

Does your child have a goal for this school year? It may be to get a higher grade in math, read a popular book series independently, or participate more frequently in class discussions. To help get the ball rolling, we’ve got tips and strategies to guide your child through goal setting.