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As parents, we know how our relationship with our children significantly affects how they will turn out as adults. Parents, however, are not the only close relationships that inspire the children. For example, studies have shown how significant grandparents are in children’s lives and how living close to them can affect their well-being. In my experience, the impact of the grandparents has has a positive effect on their development. I am an immigrant from Pakistan. Living in a joint family system is a norm there. I was raised living in the same household as my grandparents. I had my daughters in the same household as their grandparents until they turned 5 and 3 years old. My daughters enjoyed being pampered by their maternal and paternal grandparents while we lived in Pakistan and still share a unique bond with them, even while being thousands of miles away from them. Bilingualism My…

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What are Montessori toys and why are they so popular? Montessori is an educational method that was developed by Maria Montessori in 1897. Her educational system is designed to put the child first and allow them to self-lead in the classroom. So, how does this educational style relate to toys? Children are naturally curious and learn through play and things that spark their interest. Toys are one of the first things we introduce to our children. There are tons of toys on the market that encourage children to develop social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills. Here are the best Montessori toys for babies, and kids.