Daycare labels


The end of maternity leave is a very sad time for many mothers. It can make you feel sick with a mix of emotions: guilt, anxiety, sadness, and fear. It’s also liberating for some moms, those who feel the need to get their life and career moving again. Moms can be excited to have new challenges outside of the home. However you feel about it, we can all agree that the logistics are complex. From packing to pick-up times, it’s not an easy transition to make. Nobody can take the anxiety away, but we can help ease the logistical challenge and steer you in the right direction with getting more organized for the next step. Why Label for Daycare? This is a question we used to get quite often at Mabel’s. Today, in post-pandemic life. We want to avoid germy mix-ups. This is, by far, the number one reason for…