Kids Snacks


School days can be long and exhausting – not only for your kids but for us parents too! Even though you fill their lunch boxes daily with healthy, nutritious, and delicious snacks… they somehow come home starving, and they seem like they won’t breathe another day if they don’t immediately get some sort of food item in them. It’s hard to not only keep it healthy but also satisfying enough that it will keep them full until dinner rolls around. Here are some of our favorite After-School Snacks that are easy for mom and yummy for the kids; make sure you add these ingredients to your grocery list! Ants On A Log Cut celery into sticks Fill with cream cheese Top with raisins as your “ants on a log” What to add to your grocery list: celery, cream cheese, raisins. Apple Nachos Cut apples into thin chip-like wedges Whisk together…