Kids Tantrum


We’re just a few weeks into the school year, and we’ve finally conquered the back-to-school first-week nerves (not yet? Sending love). Just as we start to think to count down the morning struggles, we begin to think that maybe, just maybe, we can handle the morning routine. The moment we let our guard down, thinking we’ve got this, we start to see a new pattern arising—After School Restraint Collapse, a term coined by Andrea Loewen Nair.Maybe for your kindie, it’s a total out-of-control meltdown, or for your tween, it’s acting quiet and grumpy. However it looks in your household, it’s likely hard to manage. It’s also a little disheartening; you’re excited to see your kids and hear all about their day, and you get nothing but mumbled grunts in return.   This is normal. It’s manageable, and it’s very, very common. After School restraint Collapse, a term coined only a few…