Understanding an IEP


  IE… What!? Understanding your child’s IEP  Any parent knows that there is no official parenting handbook. We’re all just winging it, googling it, and trial and error. For parents of kids with additional needs, this couldn’t be truer. From navigating complex medical issues, behavioral anomalies, etc., the paperwork and processes are tiresome and arduous before they’ve even started school. Then, just when you think you may have it all figured out, school starts, and a new process begins. The problem with these systems is that the industry leaders have years of knowledge; it’s what they do for a living. But it’s up to the parents to navigate this unfamiliar system with no prior training, no handbook, and often little to no support. It can feel like representing yourself at a trial you have no previous knowledge of.   Many expressed how concerning, anxiety-inducing, and fear-provoking the initial special education evaluation and IEP…