We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and yet life is starting to feel more ‘normal.’

Don’t get me wrong, I am acutely aware that our lives have been very different and turned upside down this year. But, now we can dine at restaurants. Kids can go to day camp and daycare – if you can find a spot. We can get our hair cut and grocery shop freely.

At some point recently I realized that while I was still sanitizing my delivered groceries, wiping down my doorbell and living in my bubble, the rest of the world seemed to return to life as normal.

I want to do all of these things, too. Now that participating in social activities is ‘ok,’ I should loosen up, right?

But there is still a contagious and unpredictable virus out there. We’re learning that in rare cases, kids might be affected by COVID-19 in a way that is scarier than we first thought. And it seems that everyone has a different interpretation of social distancing, when masks should be worn and whether or not we should follow the ‘rules.’

So what’s the right thing?

Does it depend where you live? Maybe.

Does it matter if you’re immune compromised? Perhaps.

Will the spread of the virus get worse before it gets better? Who knows.

I know some families that are continuing to stay in isolation. Their kids are at home, they are not opening up their ‘bubbles’ to anyone and they are strictly staying 6 feet from all other humans.

I know some families that are living life as normal. They have to work outside of the home and their kids are in childcare. Their children have playdates with friends, and they have social gatherings in their home.

And there are so many different scenarios in between.

I am in no position to say what is the right way or the wrong way to do things. Experts cannot agree either. There is no precedent; there is no rulebook for this situation. I do know that for me and my family, no decision feels completely right.

There are a million unique circumstances that families have to factor into their reasoning for how they choose to adapt to our new normal. Our mental health, our physical health, our livelihood, our need for frontline workers, and the health of the greater population all need to be taken into consideration.

We will likely be living with this virus for a long time before we have access to a vaccine. We have to do what we have to do (as long as we are doing it within the rules that have been set for us). At the same time, we can only assume the risks that we are willing – even if this means we are judged for being too cautious or missing out on the Summer we imagined.

When there is no clear right or wrong, you have to trust your gut. Nobody knows this better than a mom.


Krista Murray is the Marketing Manager at Mabel’s Labels and mom of one! She enjoys yoga, eating delicious food at local restaurants, and trying not to fall asleep during movies at home with her husband. Krista lives in beautiful Burlington, Ontario. Follow Krista on Twitter @Krista_Murray.

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