Krista Murray


How to Survive the First 6 Months of Daycare During Cold and Flu Season

I was warned that the first 6 months of daycare would be challenging. The transitions are tough, the routine is new and the illnesses are rampant. While my son was thriving in this new environment, I had no idea how sick we would be for half a year. My otherwise healthy, happy, energetic one-year-old was dealing with a new illness every week – yes, week! And so were my husband and me. How to Survive the First 6 Months of Daycare During Cold and Flu Season.

From parenting hacks, to supportive words, parents are taking to Reddit to express solidarity during these crazy COVID-19 times. As we’re all navigating this world of homeschooling in isolation and trying to explain to our toddlers why the parks are closed, we are uniting online. These posts might lift your mood, give you a laugh or lend some ideas for your own kids.

Finding the Joy in Isolation

As a parent in isolation, I am struggling with homeschooling and working simultaneously. My grey hairs are multiplying (with no hope of dyeing over them anytime soon) and though my ‘struggles’ are not really problems, like many, I’m feeling overwhelmed and worried. Still, during this most odd and stressful time, I can’t help but also notice glimmers of joy. There are beautiful moments of good blooming out of an otherwise grim time in our history.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “mom, mom, mom” in the last hour, let alone month. When we decided to have an only child, we assumed he’d always have plenty of interaction with other kids. We never anticipated that the three of us would be isolated in our home for months on end. This era of social distancing means that our son will not have in-person visit with another child for an undetermined amount of time.