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Updated June 2022

It’s just the start of summer but you’ve probable heard “I’m bored” at least 5 times a day (and don’t get me started on how many times they’ve asked for snacks!). Finding summer activities can be hard. Here are some pintables to keep for a rainy day, or the next time they say they’re bored!

Plus, these fun, free printables are perfect for your primary and grade school kids. They’re are so fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning. Easily download the worksheets, coloring sheets and activities that suit your family.

Hello Summer Coloring Printable

Hello Summer Coloring Sheet: even mom may want to do some mindful coloring with this beautifully-designed, welcome-to-Summer sheet.

Word Scramble Printable

Word Scramble Printable: your primary aged kiddo can work on letter recognition, writing and spelling with this word descramble, complete with visuals.

Word Search Printable

Word Search Printablegrade school kids can brush up on their skills with this back to class word search.

Write My Name Printable

Write My Name Printable: if you have a little one entering kindergarten, writing their name is a big deal! Print this one (even a few copies!) so they can have fun while they practice.

Joke Decoder Printable

Joke Decoder Printable: your kids won’t even notice they are working on their printing, reading and problem-solving skills with this funny activity suitable for kids K-3. Bonus, they’ll get some new material for their jokes 😉

Reading Bingo Printable

Reading Bingo Printable: Give kids some incentive to do their Summer reading. Have them ‘compete’ against a friend or sibling to really motivate them!

Writing Numbers Printable

Writing Numbers PrintableKids K-3 can always benefit from practice writing their numbers.

Summer Maze Printable

Popsicle Maze Printable: A fun problem-solving activity for your little ones, that they can color, too!

Color Bookmark Printable

Color Your Own Bookmark PrintableCreative kids will love designing their own bookmarks for themselves and for family members. Just print, color and cut. Print on card stock for a professional job!

First Day School Printables

BONUS! First Day of School Printable Signs: The start to the school year will be a celebration, and we’ll definitely be taking photos to kick things off. If you’re lacking a fancy letterboard or chalk sign, we’ve got you covered. Just print the sheets that suit the grades your kids are starting – from daycare to eighth – and you’re set.

Want more like these? Check out our Ultimate List of Free Printables for Kids.

We are all trying to get through this Summer like no other, while helping our kids to transition back to another unprecedented school year. We hope these printables make your days just a little bit easier. We recommend printing in black ink, double-sided (or use the back of paper for some freeform creative creations).

Comment to tell us which activities your kids are loving this Summer!


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