We’re often trying to limit screen time, we’re trying to be the parents who don’t use the TV as a babysitter, but let’s be real, sometimes we just need to finish up work, do the laundry or make dinner and the TV can be the best babysitter to allow us to do that.  Instead of feeling guilty about doing that, know that everyone does it, and select Tv shows that make you feel a bit better. Here is a list of the best educational TV shows for kids in 2023 that you know they can watch guilt-free!

1) Storybots Answer Time

Little Kids
Rated ***** on Common Sense Media

Every episode answers questions sent in by real kids, questions and life and the world that kids are curious about. The Story Bots work together to find the answer to the kids’ questions. The show includes fun musical elements; in the end, the kid’s questions are answered, and we’ve learned something new. The characters have over-the-top personalities that appeal to kids.

Each episode has a celebrity cameo, and this show can be quite funny and entertaining for parents too.

2) Blues Clues and You

Rated **** on Common Sense Media
Netflix, (Season 4 on Paramount +)

Emmy-Nominated Blues Clues and You is an update on the nostalgic show we all remember.  Josh, the live-action main character and Blue, the now digital dog, work together to gather clues while they solve puzzles and mysteries. The revival has the same great themes of solving puzzles, counting, spelling, and colors.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, but it won’t drive you crazy.

3) Word Party

Rated ***** on Common Sense Media

Word Party (produced by the Jim Henson Company) is about 4 baby animals who are learning all about life; they teach one-another day-to-day tasks and life lessons. The animals ask questions of the audience and provide your kids with a chance to be a role model and share what they know with the animals on screen. It’s great for building vocabulary and includes themes like friendship, emotional regulation and working together.

It can be slightly insufferable for parents, so patience may be needed.

4) Llama Llama

Preschool/ Little Kids
Rated ***** on common Sense Media

This show may not be educational per se, but this very sweet show always has a lovely message. Llama learns about life, emotions, and friendships through his relationship with his mother and friends. If your kids love the books, they’ll love these sweet episodes. The voice of Mama Llama is played by Jennifer Garner, so it’s guaranteed to be good!

This show won’t drive you too crazy, but the slow pace may put you to sleep.

5) Brainchild

Preteen/ Teen
Rated ***** on Common Sense Media

This Netflix original (produced by Pharrell Williams) is similar to Bill Nye the Science Guy and answers fun science questions kids are curious about. This is geared towards slightly older kids and really appeals to the quirky things kids love. This show is great because it never talks down its audience, appears well to boys and girls, has good diversity and incorporates everyday stuff preteens are actually interested in (experiments about who will eat a donut off the floor, why people feel emotions, and smart -smartphone content) It’s ideal for kids interested in STEM, but anyone can enjoy it.

This is a great show, and you may watch it without your kids.

6) Annedroids

Little Kids/ Preteen
Rated **** on Common Sense Media
Amazon Prime, TVO or PBS

While this show has been around for many years only just starting to get some of the credit it deserves. 11-year-old science genius Anne built her own Androids, which can sometimes cause chaos. Anne and her friends work together to solve the scientific problems these androids are causing.  This was an Emmy Nominated show.

It can be a little overwhelming with all the options these days; between streaming services and the vast amount of shows available, it can be hard to find and trust what to watch. Never mind screen time limits, finding out the appropriateness of each show. It’s a lot to figure out. Hopefully, this list helps, and you can also take a look at our previous lists that parents found helpful.


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