Believe it or not, Back to School is upon us just around the corner, and it’s time we start thinking about what we may need to purchase for our kids.  As experts in the back-to-school arena, we’ve often been asked what each grade requires for school. It’s tough to answer as each school district and each teacher is so different in what they’ll require. But if you’re starting to shop before your school list comes out, you can look here at what the most common items are for each grade level; it’s a good starting point and give or take a few items, this back-to-school supply list will be a good reflection of what you may need.

Another thing to keep in mind (for all USA residents) is to consider doing your shopping on tax-free weekends. A full list of tax-free school supply shopping weekends can be found here.

Kindergarten supply list:
Commonly found on Kindergarten School Supply Pack Lists:

Pack of Crayola crayons
Pack of markers
Pencil grip
Pack of paper
Dry-erase markers
pack of construction paper
1 box of large ziplock bags
2 Boxes of tissues
2- Glue stick
1- Liquid Glue
2- Two pocket Folders
5” Fiskars Kids Scissors
Clorox wipes
Large old shirt to be used as a smock during messy play
2 – Playdoh (the teacher may request certain colors based on their last name)

Be prepared to replenish the supplies during the year if needed. Sometimes the teacher may request that these items not be labelled individually as they’ll be used communally in the classroom.

Kindergarten Personal items needed: (these items will be required to be labelled)

Headphones (not earbuds or Bluetooth)
Change of clothing (pants, top, sweater)
Socks and underwear
Hand sanitizer
Indoor Shoes
Backpack – no wheels.
Lunch bag or lunchbox
Reusable water bottle

The best name labels for kindergarten:

Our top pick for kindergarten kids is the Little Kids School Combo. It includes all the labels you’ll need for supplies and personal items (water bottle, lunch box etc). Plus, the left-right shoe labels which help teach your littles independence when putting their shoes on! This label pack comes in a wide variety of cute designs your kids will love!

Elementary school supply list:

24 Sharpened #2 Pencils (pre-sharpened)
1x blunt 5″ Scissors
24ct. Crayola Crayons
1 pack of colored pencils
Pencil sharpener
Washable markers (8 pack)
5 Plastic Pocket Folders
4oz School glue
Glue sticks
Pencil case or plastic school box (8.5 x 5.5)
2 x 1” Hardback Vinyl Binder
2 boxes of Kleenex Tissues
1 x 4 pack Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers
5 Plastic Pocket Folders
2 composition notebook
1 box resealable sandwich bags
1 pair of headphones (no earbuds or Bluetooth)

Elementary school Personal items: (these items will be required to be labelled)

Headphones (not earbuds or Bluetooth)
Change of clothing (pants, top, sweater)
Gym shoes / indoor shoes
Hand sanitizer
Backpack – no wheels.
Lunch bag or lunchbox
Reusable water bottle

The best name labels for elementary school students:

This age has a lot of school items, clothing and personal items at school and coming back and forth each day. They’re also still too young and excitable to be able to remember to pack their stuff and make sure they’ve got everything, so teachers highly recommend the Ultimate Back-to-School Label Pack. This pack has the greatest number of labels you’ll need, all waterproof, dishwasher, and laundry safe!  It’s a best-seller and highly recommended!

Middle School supply list:

24 Sharpened #2 Pencils  (pre-sharpened)
1 Sharp 5″ Scissors
1 x pack of black or blue pens
1 pack of colored pencils
Pencil sharpener
Pencil case or plastic school box (8.5 x 5.5)
2 x 1” Hardback vinyl binder
1 x 4 pack chisel tip dry erase markers
5 x 1” three-ring binders
5 packs of subject dividers
2 composition notebook
Index cards
Agenda/ day planner
Loose leaf paper (be prepared to replenish as needed)
Graph paper
1 x Ream of computer paper

Laptop – before making a large purchase, check in with your school or teacher for further specifications.

Middle school/ high school personal items:

Combination lock & locker mirror
Hand sanitizer
Gym shoes
Sanitary items (even if you girls don’t yet need them, provide them with a pouch with a few items if they or a friend does)
Backpack/ water bottle

The best label pack for middle school students:

The Middle School Label Pack has everything you’ll need to label all the items needed by older kids, but the designs and patterns are geared more toward more mature kids. They’ll be sure to find a style that suits them, from tie-dye, camo, terrazzo, geometric… there are many cool designs to choose from!
This list should give you an idea of the items you may be required to purchase, always check in with your teacher for anything specific or any additional items.  Here are some tips on how to save you on your back-to-school shopping! Happy shopping! 


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