We all know that labeling your kids’ stuff is super important; it prevents lost stuff and, therefore, costly re-purchases! Stops lost & found bins from overflowing and helps kids and parents stay organized. Plus, name labels prevent germy mix-ups and swaps. Teachers can’t possibly keep track of the items each kid in the class belongs to; it takes up their time and is impossible. Kids’ name labels allow teachers to know who’s is who’s with one quick glance, allowing them to focus their time on teaching our kids.

Mabel’s Labels has been around for over 20 years and is the expert in kids’ name labels. This time of year, the Back-to-School label combos are one of the top items parents want to purchase. But where do you begin? We’ll break down the best school labels to make your back-to-school label shopping easier!

Firstly, Mabel’s Combos are:

-Covered by Mabel’s Labels 100% satisfaction guarantee!
-Laundry safe!
-Dishwasher safe!
-Microwave safe!

The top sellers:
The Ultimate Back-to-School Label Combo: 


40 Small Rectangle Labels
70 Tag Mates Stick on Clothing Labels
16 Round/Shoe Labels (That’s 8 pairs of shoes!)

This is a National Parenting Award Winner, for good reason!

Design your perfect labels. With over 60 cute icons, 8 different fonts and a variety of color palettes to select from, you’re sure to find labels that perfectly suit your kids’ style.

Buy this label pack if…
Your kids have a lot of school supplies, lunch boxes/ bags, and clothing that you want to ensure it returns home again!

The Little Kid School Combo:     

40 Small Rectangle Labels
70 Tag Mates Stick on Clothing Labels
16 Left-Right Match-up Shoe Labels (That’s 8 pairs of shoes!)

Parents of Little Kids heading to school for the first time really love this label pack! The left-right shoe labels make it easy for kids to a) find their shoes, but also b) put them on their correct feet! This feature is great, as kindergarteners are often left to put their own shoes and jackets on. You don’t want your kids spending the day in mixed-up shoes!

At this age, just seeing their name on labels helps them stay organized; often, their items are new, and it can be confusing what’s theirs, so labels help with name recognition but helps them stay organized. Seeing their name on things gives them a sense of pride in their stuff, and they’re more likely to care for it.

Buy this label pack if…
Your little one is just starting school and learning to put their shoes on. And if they need to label their clothing, school supplies and lunch items.

The Middle School Label Pack: 

40 Small Rectangle Labels
70 Tag Mates Stick on Clothing Labels
16 Round/Shoe Labels (That’s 8 pairs of shoes!)

Too cool for school? This may be the Label pack you need! These labels have all the same great labels included in the Ultimate, but in more mature designs to suit older kids and their stuff.

The designs include terrazzo, camo, tie-dye, geometric 90’s geometric, and so many funky, subtle, and trending designs that they can match to their water bottles, phone case and more.

The small labels included in this pack are great for chargers, electronics and other high-ticket items your tweens and teens are taking to school that you definitely don’t want going missing!

Buy this label pack if…  
Your kids are starting to get embarrassed to be with you, then this label pack is probably perfect. Let them select the labels based on what will match their stuff!

The Basic Back-to-School Label Pack:

Have labels left over from last year (one complaint Mabel’s Labels sometimes hears is that each pack has too many labels, can you have too much of a good thing??). The solution to this is this basic pack, a great way to top up your existing labels.

This pack comes in icon-free labels with a selection of XX color palettes, so whichever existing label pack you have, you’ll be able to match the color and top up your labels easily!

If you’re looking for just a few labels, this product can be the perfect stand-alone product that still provides laundry-safe, waterproof, dishwasher-safe labels. This basic pack is intentionally short on labels, but it certainly doesn’t fall short on quality!

Buy this label pack if…  
You have some labels left over from last year and weren’t planning to buy another large pack, buuut you also may also run out; it’s the perfect solution to top-up your existing label pack so you don’t fall short.

Bag Tags: 

These plastic tags are perfect for identifying backpacks, gym bags and more. Pick a design to match your labels. The Mini Tags are great for pencil cases, lunch bags and boxes. The mini tags make great zipper pulls for when your little kids struggle with zips! So many parents chose to add these to their Little Kid Label Packs.

Buy these tags if…
Your kids have look-a-like backpacks that you don’t want to go missing!

School Uniform Label Pack:

This label pack is great if you have school uniform items that need labeling. Uniforms are great, but the look-a-like items make them easy to mix-up and go missing, so this label pack of Tag Mates and Shoe Labels will prevent that from happening.

Buy this Label pack if…
You have look-a-like uniform clothing that needs to be identified!

Other great Mabel Label’s add-on parents’ love:

The Custom Clothing Stamp:  
A top seller! The quickest and easiest way to stamp clothing. This multi-award-winning product is a favorite with parents!

Pro tip: These are GREAT for labeling underwear for your little ones when you’re still potty training and need to take lots of pairs to daycare or kindergarten.

Tag Mates Custom Clothing Labels: 

Included in all combos, these little clothing labels are laundry-safe and loved by all! They are also known as mini labels and work great for identifying chargers and smaller items. Many parents like to add these to their order to use them in multiple ways!

When applying them to clothing tags, you must remember that they attach to the tag itself and not directly to the fabric. After applying, wait 24 hours before putting your items in the laundry.

Sending a little one off to daycare? Check here for what to pack and how to label it all!



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