With the start of the school year right around the corner, there will be lots of little ones starting their first year of school in Senior or Junior Kindergarten. While it can be stressful for your kids, this is also a really hard time for you! All summer long you spend your days wondering if you’ve prepared them enough to finally head out on their own in the big wide world of elementary school and the truth of the matter is: no child can ever be completely prepared for this big step, but there are definitely some things we can make sure we’re seeing in our children before September rolls around.

We’ve made it easier for you both by creating a fun checklist for you and your kiddo to work on this summer. The list is below, and here is a FREE Kindergarten Readiness Checklist for your little one to work on.

  1. I know how to open my lunchbox!
  • Have fun with this by packing a few “test” lunches before school starts. Have your child zip open their lunch bag while also taking them through how to open any snack packaging, lunch containers or water bottles they may be using as well!  Make sure you label your lunchbox!
  1. I know how to dress myself!
  • Accidents can happen especially in a school setting, so it’s imperative that they know how to change themselves if need be. This also includes things like knowing how to put their indoor and outdoor shoes on, their jacket, and if you’re somewhere that experiences a cold, cold winter – making sure they know how to take on and off all of that gear! (For the extra layers, add some Tag Mates so clothing doesn’t go missing)
  1. I can recognize my name!
  • Kindergarten teachers make a really fun environment for the kids, and this can often include name tags and personalized workstations. Making sure they can read their names before starting will really help with their independence in the classroom! This will also help them recognize their labeled items and help keep stuff out of the lost & found.
  1. I can hold a pencil, marker or a crayon!
  • Kindergarten is all about FUN and most of their learning consists of things like arts and crafts – being able to hold a writing utensil properly will help them in the long run!
  1. I know how to be kind!
  • It can be hard for children to immediately find connections when it comes to starting school, especially if they aren’t used to being around other children all the time. Learning how to be kind will help them build friendships quickly and make buddies on the first day!
  1. I know how to raise my hand!
  • Knowing how to ask for help in a classroom setting will also provide your child with independence when it comes to succeeding in kindergarten, this is another thing you can practice at home!
  1. I like to share my toys!
  • Starting school is all about sharing and this is something they will learn when they’re there. It can be hard for them to learn this at home, especially if they are an only child, because they might think that everything belongs to them! Teaching them the importance of sharing before the start of school will help them in the long run.
  1. I can clean up after myself!
  • Most of their early learning will consist of stations with things like arts and crafts, pretend play and more. Cleaning up will be a big part of the day, so try and make it fun as they learn by using a song or a rhyme to help!
  1. I can use my manners!
  • It’s important that we don’t put too much pressure about manners on our kids at such a young age but saying things like please and thank you in the classroom will help them not only with their teachers, but it will also help with making friends!
  1. I know how to play nicely with others!
  • Learning their manners, sharing and knowing how to be kind with others will make this step a much easier one to learn. This too will come with time – but it’s something we can easily start implementing during at-home playtime!
  1. I can sit and listen!
  • Although Kindergarten is all about fun, there will be sometimes that children will need to sit quietly and be able to listen to their teachers. Although you may have some trouble with this at home (don’t we all?) you’d be surprised how different they’ll be at school!
  1. I can count to 10!
  • Do not feel pressured if your child isn’t doing this quite yet, it truly is remarkable how quick they can learn and pickup other things when they start school. There are lots of things that can help you practice this at home before the starting of school – try things like fun games, songs and rhymes to help prepare them!
  1. I can say my alphabet!
  • This really is something they’ll work really hard on when they start school, but it’s important that they are able to verbalize at least a few of their ABC’s – make it fun!
  1. I know some of my colors and what they look like!
  • Being able to point out colors and say their names is something that will help them when it comes to your children showing their artistic side at school. Practice this with flashcards and games and they’ll learn them all right in front of your eyes!
  1. I know when to use the washroom!
  • This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s normal for your little ones to be a little stressed when it comes to going to a different washroom every day. Help your child by discussing with them how important it is for us to know when and where to go to the washroom when it comes to being at school!

If you don’t feel ready yet – don’t sweat it! Many moms and parents struggle with the first day of school jitters, maybe even more than their little ones, it’s only normal. Have fun during the rest of the summer by going through your checklist and have your kiddo check something off it when they feel like they’ve mastered a skill. You’d be surprised how excited they are when they realize how quickly they’ve learnt their ABC’s, or the look on their face when they’ve figured out exactly how to open and close their school lunchboxes. From holding onto our hands for dear life, to stepping foot into the classroom – time really flies. Let’s make sure they’re set up for success this September (both you and your child!)

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