Spring is here, and all we can think about is travelling! Of course, it isn’t as easy for new parents as it used to be. But it can also be rewarding to travel with littles! Babies have lots of baggage, which can seem overwhelming, but great products and tips can make it stress-free (ish).

Whether you’re flying or driving, we all want to save space, yet we don’t want to be caught without something we rely on. So, we’ve gathered our favorite tips and gadgets for travelling with babies in 2024. You’ll want to get your hands on these before you leave! Here are all our top tips, pack lists, and devices for travelling with a baby in 2024.

The best items for travelling with kids: 

Here are a few additional items to make sure you have on your list for 2023; investing in travel-friendly items may be the best decision, but these items will get used often! So whether on a night at grandma’s or a day trip, you’ll use them frequently.

Portable charger

A portable charger is a must. When you’re stuck in an airport and all the outlets are full, or your battery runs low on a long car ride. These days, getting caught without power is a parent’s worst nightmare. A portable charger is a game-changer and gives you insurance that you’ll never be caught powerless again.

Kids travel tray

If you’re driving to your location, the car can become a huge stressful mess. These travel trays for kids help keep everything organized and clean, and the kids won’t drop stuff on the floor you can’t reach.

Slumber pod

This a game-changer for when your baby needs to sleep at night, but you and your partners don’t want to sit in the dark! Or you need to encourage a nap on the go!

Air tags

With the amount of luggage nightmare stories in the media in 2022- 2023, this item quickly became the hottest and most talked about item this year! The little tracking device can help you locate your lost luggage.

Space saver bags

These are super helpful if you’re an over-packer. They can help save space in the car or allow you some additional room to squeeze into a carry-on in hopes of avoiding the need to check your bags. Once packing to return home, you can use the back of the hotel hairdryer or old-school rolling on the bag to push the air out.

Mini humidifier  

If you’re staying in a hotel, you may want to consider a mini humidifier, especially if you’re used to using one at home. These travel humidifiers are helpful when you find yourself in a hotel with the worst dry recycled air. It also has a small mood light that can help littles who like to have a bit of light in the room while they sleep.

Waterproof phone case or pouch

The last thing you need on a beach vacation is the hassle of replacing your phone (especially when these days we’re using our phones for payments, boarding passes, and all the important stuff!) The cost of a waterproof phone case far outweighs the hassles of a damaged phone abroad.

Travel Label Pack  

Labels can save everything from a germy mix-up, to lost items and sibling rivalries! This travel label pack is perfect for labeling all your belonging before you hit the road. 

You can pull together your complete pack list based on what you know you and your baby will require, but these gadgets are ones you’ll want to add to your list too.  

The Best Travel Tips for Parents:

1) Prepare for the worse
The best piece of travel advice is to prepare for things to go wrong. Once you plan for things to go wrong, everything will work out exactly as planned.

2) Deliver your diapers, wipes, and snacks
When packing your diapers/ wipes etc., you can order these items and have them shipped to your location. Nothing is better than arriving in a hotel room full of groceries, snacks, diapers, wipes, etc. You can save yourself a big headache of packing and carrying all these items.

3) Take what you need…

Mabel’s Labels founder and mom of six, Julie Cole gave the advice to steal the barf bags from the airplane!
They come in SO helpful; slip them in your purse, and you’ll always have them when you need one! (Read more of her travel tips here!)

4) Rent a stroller
If you think you can manage without a stroller in the airport (by using a sling and staying hands-free), you can save yourself the hassle of getting one on the plane. A quick google search in the area you’re going to and you can find a stroller rental service that delivers the stroller right to your hotel room.

So while it may all seem overwhelming to travel with babies and toddlers, it doesn’t need to be, and the highs will outweigh the lows! The best thing about traveling with a baby is a new appreciation of the simple pleasures we often take for granted 😊


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