Labeling your kid’s clothing for camp can sometimes be confusing for parents. With so many items of clothing and accessories to keep track of (with no parental guidance!), it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, Mabel’s Labels has come to the rescue with various labeling options that make the process a breeze. Here are our top ways to label your kids’ clothing for summer camp, giving you peace of mind that they’re not wearing someone else’s dirty underwear.

Summer camp can sometimes be the hardest to label for because items like swimsuits, towels, flip flops can be tricky items to label effectively. We have a solution for labelling all the little tricky clothing items and accessories that go to summer camp. Because markers and tape won’t cut it for sleepaway camp toughness!

The Sleepaway Camp Label pack is a value pack of all the top-selling labels, 112 labels included, plus 2 tags!  Here is a breakdown of the pack and how to label with them for sleepaway camp. 

The Sleepaway Camp Label Pack:

What it includes:

10 Large Rectangle Labels
24 Small Rectangle Labels
70 Tag Mates Stick-On Clothing Labels
8 Shoe Labels (4 pairs)

How to Label Kids Camp Clothing:

Tee Shirts, shorts, sweaters, pj’s and underwear with care tag. The Tag Mates Clothing Label is perfect for all these items. They work for any clothing with a tag! These little name labels are waterproof and laundry-safe (not that your child will be worried about doing their laundry at camp – but parents can dream big).

-jackets or raingear
-Swim trunks

The Sleepaway Camp Label Pack includes 70 of these little labels, so you’ll have plenty and can also use them on other smaller items:

-Pens & Pencils
-Sleeping bag

How to label Kids Camp Toiletries:

Most small items like toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.) can use a Small Rectangle Label. This way, you know that they won’t be grabbing for any blue toothbrush; they’ll grab the toothbrush with their name on it! Yay, no more germy swaps!

-Bug spray
-hydrocortisone or other cream bottles

How to Label all your kids summer camp essentials:

Your kids will no doubt be heading to camp with a bag of camp essentials as well as “fun” items to share with bunkmates, special items that make them feel at home.

The ten Large Rectangle Labels (included in the Sleepaway Camp Label Pack) are perfect for these items, we recommend using them on:

-Flashlight or lantern
-Water bottle
-Snack containers
-Clip-on Fan
-Shower Caddy

Can you label flip-flops, water shoes, or sandals for summer camp?

The Sleepaway camp label pack includes eight Shoe Labels, enough for four pairs! These round labels are ultra-durable and waterproof – so they’ll stay stuck in water shoes! Don’t worry about your kids wet, sweaty, sandy, feet. The labels will stay stuck even on the dirtiest kids’ feet!

-Running Shoes
-Sandals or flip-flops
-Hiking boots
-Water shoes

Clothing stamp for labeling kids’ clothes without a tag:

Finally, if you’re looking for another great eco-friendly option, Mabel’s Labels also offers a Custom Clothing Stamp. This is not included in the Sleepaway Camp Label pack, but always makes a useful purchase, for camp, school, daycare.
This stamp allows you to create your own custom label using non-toxic ink. Stamp the label on your child’s clothing item, and you’re good to go! This stamp is good for 500 applications, and each application lasts about 40 washes. It’s small and simple and is great for quick, last-minute, or on-the-go labeling!   For sending kids off to camp, this name stamp can be used for:

-Bathing suit (as they usually don’t have a care tag)

This label pack the stamp and ANY other Mabel’s Labels products always have free standard shipping! Happy labeling, and happy camping! Looking for more camp info? Check out the Mabel’s Labels Camp Hub! 


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