As the summer season approaches, many parents are preparing to send their kids off to day camp. Whether it’s a sports camp, music camp, or any other type of summer activity, one thing is for sure – you’ll need to label your kids’ belongings to make sure they don’t get lost or mixed up with others.

With everything coming back and forth each day, labeling your kids’ stuff is crucial for keeping everything organized and ensuring that their belongings don’t get lost or misplaced. Here’s a quick guide to the easiest way to label your kids’ stuff for Day Camp.

The Day Camp Label Pack

This value pack of labels is the simplest way to make sure you have all your items clearly labelled for camp; it includes everything you’ll need to cover all the items that come back and forth each day. And when they’re labeled – you know they’re coming home again!

What’s Included in the Day Camp Label Pack

16 Small Rectangle Labels
21 Tag Mates
2 Shoe Labels (1 pair)
2 Bag Tags

What to use your Bag Tags for?

This label pack includes 2 bag tags, perfect for sticking on your backpack and lunch bag. This will ensure that your kid can easily spot their bag among the pile of others and make sure that the lunch box or bag they pick up matches their labeled bag. It makes it super easy for kids to spot their stuff!

How do I label lunch box items and water bottles?

The small rectangle labels are among our most versatile—that’s why they are included in all our combos, including the Day Camp label Pack! (Plus, they are always a top-seller on their own, too!).

These little labels are great for snack containers and water bottles—plus, they are small enough that you can easily label the lid, too! They also work well for sunscreen bottles—they fit perfectly on the lid for easy visibility.

How do I label kids’ sunglasses for camp?

The small rectangle labels (included in the Day Camp Label Pack) are perfect for labeling the arm of sunglasses. Sunglasses can be expensive, and it’s far easier to slap on a little label than to make costly repurchases! 

How to label kids’ clothing?

Tag Mates! The Day Camp Label Pack includes 21 of these, and they’re simply the best! These small, waterproof, laundry-safe labels are peel-and-stick labels that adhere to the care tag of your child’s clothing. Wait 24 hours before washing, and these little labels will outlive the clothing they are stuck to!  Yes, even the clothing that endures rough and tumble camp days!

How to label shoes for day camp

The shoe labels are simple and straight forward little labels, just stick them inside your kids’ shoes, and they will stay stuck—even with wet feet and sweaty, dirty, sandy feet!

Labeling your kids’ stuff for day camp is an important step in keeping everything organized and making sure that their belongings don’t get lost or mixed up with others. Camp can be SO expensive, and replacing lost clothing, shoes, or water bottles can be very costly. It’s far easier to use this peel-and-stick label pack that has everything you need. Plus, there is a wide variety of icons to suit your kid’s interests—or no icon at all!

Plus, a wide variety of color palettes available means your kids’ labels will be distinctive and easy for them to keep track of.

This label pack will have everything you need, but if you are looking for something more, this name stamp is a top choice of camp parents!

The Custom Clothing Stamp

This stamp is perfect for tagless clothing; it lasts up to 500 applications and each application lasts up to 40 washes (you camp kids will have worn out their clothes by then!). It’s the top choice because it’s one press on the clothing item, and bam, you’re done! It’s a great choice for summer camp season because many clothes may be tagless (socks, swimsuits, towels etc.)


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